Espa, Seo Taiji’s famous song ‘Regret of the Times’ Remake… Released on the 15th

Espa 'A regret for the times' Remake [Provided by SM Entertainment. Resale and DB prohibited]
Espa ‘A regret for the times’ Remake [Provided by SM Entertainment. Resale and DB prohibited]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Taesoo Lee = Girl group Aespa will remake singer Seo Taiji’s famous song ‘A Regret of the Times’ and release it on the 15th, SM Entertainment, the agency, announced on the 9th.

‘Regret of the Times’ is a song from Seo Taiji and Boys’ 4th album released in 1995, and is a song of the alternative rock genre with a direct and strong message.

At the time, when the lyrics containing disillusionment with the establishment were caught in the preliminary review by the Korean Performance Ethics Committee, Seo Taiji included only instrumental songs with the lyrics removed as a sign of protest.

Afterwards, the fans’ signature campaign sparked the abolition of the album pre-review system in 1996 the following year, and this incident became one of the reasons why Seo Taiji was called ‘cultural president’.

‘Regret of the Times’ was eventually released as a single with full lyrics only in 1996, after Seo Taiji and Boys retired.

The 2024 version of ‘Regret of the Times’ sung by Espa will be released on SM’s digital music channel ‘STATION’. It will be released on various music sites such as Melon, Flo, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, Kugou Music, and Kuwo Music at 6pm on the 15th. The music video can also be viewed on the YouTube SMTOWN channel.

Espa’s version, ‘A Regret for the Times’ is characterized by adding the members’ unique personalities to the energetic band sound of the original song and giving a twist to the composition. He showed off his unique color with powerful vocals that gave pleasure.

Meanwhile, Seo Taiji’s ‘Regret of the Times’ The remastered version will also be released at 6pm on the 12th.

This version was produced as part of the ‘SM Remastering Project’ launched in 2021 by SM and YouTube to illuminate the history of K-pop and contribute to the growth of the music industry.

SM and YouTube have so far released more than 300 music videos and music files that have been upgraded to a state suitable for digital platforms.

In addition, the newly produced ‘Regret of the Times’ The lyric video will also be unveiled on Seo Taiji’s official YouTube channel.

▶ Report via KakaoTalk okjebo

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