Park Min-young counterattacks Song Ha-yoon and reunites with Lee Gikwang… ‘My Boyfriend’ Viewership ratings exploded [Comprehensive]


(Reporter Jo Hye-jin, Xports News) ‘My Boyfriend’ recorded a viewership rating of 7.1%, breaking its own highest viewership rating.

The tvN Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Marry My Husband’ (written by Shin Yu-dam, directed by Park Won-guk and Han Jin-seon) aired on the 8th had an average viewer rating of 7.1% for households in the metropolitan area and a peak of 8.4% for the third episode, and the average for households nationwide. It recorded 6.4%, a maximum of 7.9%, ranking first in the same time slot on cable and comprehensive channels both in the metropolitan area and nationwide, recording its highest viewership rating with a continuous upward trend (based on a paid platform integrating cable, IPTV, and satellite / provided by Nielsen Korea).

On this day’s broadcast, the historic reunion scene of Kang Ji-won (played by Park Min-young), who was reborn with a complete makeover, was held. With the help of her colleague Yoo Hee-yeon (Choi Gyu-ri), Kang Ji-won is born as a different person from head to toe. When Kang Ji-won said that she was hesitant to go to her class reunion because she was an outcast in high school, Yoo Hee-yeon said that she was finally returning the favor and held out her hand, and Kang Ji-won took it.

Kang Ji-won expressed his will for a drastic transformation to Yoo Hee-yeon, saying, “I want to be reborn,” and at the end of it, he appeared with an incredibly different appearance. As Kang Ji-won looked at her reflection in the mirror, she recalled her miserable past and was so moved that she shed tears, making even the viewers cringe.


Kang Ji-won, who attended the class reunion the next day, appeared with a much more confident and elegant attitude than before and caught the attention of classmates. Jeong Soo-min (Song Ha-yoon), who deliberately called Kang Ji-won out while hiding the fact that it was a class reunion in order to get him into trouble, was also speechless and couldn’t hide her embarrassment.

Kang Ji-won, who succeeded in taking the lead, did not stop and moved to recapture the bad memories he had at the first class reunion in his life. Kang Ji-won reacted to Jeong Soo-min’s atrocities, lying about everything from Kang Ji-won’s company to her love life and first love as if it were her own, and was filled with endless excitement as she rebutted her classmates one by one.

Above all, I tried to explain the misunderstanding about my first love, Baek Eun-ho (Lee Ki-kwang), who was falsely believed to have coveted Jeong Soo-min’s boyfriend during her high school days. However, Jeong Soo-min once again tried to escape the crisis by lying, and at this time, Baek Eun-ho appeared and nailed it that she had never dated Jeong Su-min, completely turning Kang Ji-won’s dark history into history.

Meanwhile, Yoo Ji-hyuk (Na In-woo) revealed to his grandfather, Yoo Han-il (Moon Seong-geun), that he had a crush on a woman and refused an arranged marriage. He carefully wiped his grandfather’s hand, which had spilled water while he was finished, and sincerely expressed his intention that he did not want to cause problems with women. His blunt but thoughtful side was revealed, giving us a glimpse of his pure love for Kang Ji-won. In addition, it was revealed that he visited Baek Eun-ho and asked her to attend the reunion, raising further questions about his actions in helping Kang Ji-won as if he knew everything.

At the end of the play, Kang Ji-won and Baek Eun-ho met again at the reunion venue and revived the feelings of first love with a shy and fresh air. Baek Eun-ho’s awkward confession that he liked Kang Ji-won, who was trying to leave in a hurry while hiding his feelings, continued, raising curiosity about how the story of the two people, who reunited after a long time, and Yoo Ji-hyuk, who is watching, will progress.

Park Min-young’s dynamic second life will be aired on the 9th at 8:50 PM with ‘Marry My Husband’ It continues in episode 4.

Photo = tvN broadcast screen

Reporter Jo Hye-jin

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