Lee Gyeong-sil “Lee Gyeong-gyu, he never came during his two marriages…he is famous for not attending” Exposure (‘Jjin Kyung-gyu’) [Comprehensive]


[OSEN=Reporter Jang Woo-young] Comedian Lee Kyung-sil expressed her disappointment that Lee Kyung-gyu did not attend the wedding.

On the 8th, a video titled ‘The juniors that Kyung-gyu is most afraid of appear’ was released as ‘Jjin Kyung-gyu’ content on YouTube’s ‘Svalbard Storage’.

In this day’s video, Lee Gyeong-sil and Jo Hye-ryeon appeared as juniors that Lee Gyeong-gyu is afraid of. Lee Gyeong-sil said, “Her brother keeps saying that Jo Hye-ryeon and I are scared.” In response, Lee Gyeong-gyu said, “I didn’t say it was scary, it was burdensome. “It’s something I want to stay away from,” he said, causing laughter.

Regarding the reason why Lee Gyeong-sil and Jo Hye-ryeon are burdensome, Lee Gyeong-gyu said, “They are scary, fierce, and fierce. “Yes, in many ways,” he said.

Next, a mission was proposed to shake off the disappointment. Lee Kyung-sil said, “Lee Kyung-gyu doesn’t often go to congratulations and condolences. “He never came when I was a sergeant,” he said. “He never came while I was married twice.” She also revealed, “He is famous for not going to entertainment industry congratulatory events.”

Lee Gyeong-gyu said, “I didn’t go because I didn’t want to put pressure on myself that I didn’t have to come when there were congratulations and condolences. “Aren’t you sorry for telling you to come and go?” he said, revealing his true feelings.

Jo Hye-ryun said about her disappointment with Lee Gyeong-gyu, “I call him once every two years. So, she mustered up the courage to say, ‘Happy New Year,’ and the reply was, ‘I’ll get so much that my stomach will explode,’” she revealed.

Lee Gyeong-gyu said, “I was looking at my phone and the moment I saw Jo Hye-ryun’s contact information, I thought, ‘Let’s delete it.’ Last time I talked to Jang Do-yeon, I talked about it, and Jo Hye-ryeon contacted me after seeing it. At that time, she made people laugh by saying, “My intuition was that she looked like Jo Hye-ryeon, so she said, ‘Oh, Hye-ryeon.’” /elnino8919@osen.co.kr

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