Lee Ji-ah and Kang Ki-young, who became divorce solvers, punish their vicious spouses (Awesome Solvers)

JTBC ‘Awesome Solver’/Provided by SLL, How Pictures, Drama House
JTBC ‘Awesome Solver’/Provided by SLL, How Pictures, Drama House

[News Reporter Ha Ji-won]

Lee Ji-ah and Kang Ki-young present a fantastic combination play to catch an evil spouse.

JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Awesome Fixer’ (written by Jeong Hee-sun/directed by Park Jin-seok), which will be aired for the first time at 8:50 PM on January 31, is the story of Sara Kim (Lee Ji-ah), Korea’s best divorce solver, and Dong-gi-jun Dong (Kang Ki-young), a smart lawyer. A drama about fearless justice and retribution solutions.

In the play, Sa-ra Kim goes from being the daughter-in-law of a top law firm in Korea to having everything taken away from her overnight and becoming a divorcee. In order to punish bad spouses, including her ex-husband, who stabbed her, she opened a divorce resolution company, Solution, to put an end to the hellish marriage lives of her clients.

Dong-Jun Dong, the business partner who helps Sarah Kim with her solution, is a lawyer and former prosecutor at the Southwestern District Prosecutors’ Office. He has an amazing sense of smell when it comes to bad people, and he even has the nickname ‘Shepard’ for his tenacity in biting. He is scouted for solutions and provides legal divorce solutions for his clients.

Sa-ra Kim, who takes the lead in punishing vicious spouses, and Dong-jun Dong, a man of compassion who cannot overlook poor people, both of their personalities perfectly match the sales goals of the solution. The performance of Kim Sara and Dong-jun Dong, who are the two pillars supporting the divorce resolution company Solution and boast excellent compatibility as business partners, is attracting attention.

The released photo shows the collaboration process between Solution team leader Sara Kim and consulting attorney Dong-Jun Dong. While kindness and empathy can be seen on the faces of Sara Kim and Dong-Jun Dong as they listen to the client’s story, caution is felt in the eyes of the two people carrying out the operation together.

Living up to the reputation of a 100% success rate, the cheerful expressions of Sarah Kim and Dong-Jun Lee, who successfully completed the request, also catch the eye. As the time they spend together solving the case increases, there is a strange atmosphere in the way they look at each other, making people curious about how their relationship will change.

While people are looking forward to the exciting teamwork between the divorce solver and Attorney Sheppard who will clear the way for their clients, attention is also focused on Lee Ji-ah and Kang Ki-young’s super-special cider synergy. From action that requires no effort to her body to thrilling romance, it is expected to satisfy viewers’ five senses with a variety of fun and eye-catching fun.

‘Awesome Solver’ will be aired for the first time on the 31st at 8:50 PM.

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