Even, own content ‘2Any4Even’ First released on the 26th… Village Cance

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/Photo = Jellyfish Entertainment
/Photo = Jellyfish Entertainment

Boy group EVNNE heightens comeback fever by opening its own content.

EVNNE, who is making a comeback with the second mini album ‘Un: SEEN’, released ’24EVNNE on the official YouTube on the 19th. We will serve you properly & # 39; and a surprise release of her teaser video and self-content & # 39; 2Any for Even (24EVNNE) & # 39; The opening was announced.

This self-content is a one-night, two-day travel story with EVNNE, and is receiving warm welcome from fans as it is the first self-content to be presented since debuting in the music industry in September of last year.

In the released teaser video, EVNNE exuded extraordinary passionate energy from the beginning. There was no sign of hesitation in the content agenda proposal, and they poured out a series of things they had always wanted to try, including cold weather experiences, courage experiences, paragliding, and part-time jobs at amusement parks. In the end, a 2-day, 1-night village vacation was confirmed as the first content. We plan to provide EVNNE fun that has never been seen anywhere else through 24-hour, close-contact sketching.

EVNNE, who was recently busy preparing for a comeback, was able to spend the day in a different place and make new memories thanks to filming its own content. She was shown shopping for groceries, cooking, and playing various games, stimulating curiosity about the main story. Here, they are expected to display a variety of charms, from their easy-going appearance in simple country town clothes and being willing to break down, to their incredible chemistry in playing pranks on each other without hesitation.

In addition, at the end of the teaser, when leader Keita asked for a spoiler for ENVs waiting for their own content, images of them comfortably eating a snack or hitting the slide with a swollen face after waking up from sleep are shown, indicating that it will be fresh content guaranteed to be 200% fun. I’m doing it.

Above all, attention is focused on the activities of the seven members, which EVNNE, a passionate idol who is passionate about energy, will unleash to his heart’s content through his own content.

EVNNE, who was mentioned as a monster rookie in the music industry with her first mini-album ‘Target: ME’ last September, took a step forward as a growing artist through her second mini-album ‘Un: SEEN’ Ready to take a further leap forward.

Meanwhile, EVNNE’s own content ’24EVNNE’ is released every Friday at 9 PM on the official YouTube channel, and EVNNE will be released at 6 PM on January 22. City releases second mini album ‘Un: SEEN’

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