[Exclusive] ‘Trend’ Lee Jeong-ha’s next project ‘Thank you’…Meet Shin Ha-kyun

Jeongha Lee
Jeongha Lee

Actress Lee Jeong-ha’s next work has been decided. I meet Shin Ha-kyun in the drama ‘Thank you’.

A drama representative told JTBC Entertainment News on the 19th, “Lee Jung-ha will appear in tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama scheduled to air in the second half of the year, ‘Thank you’ He said, “I am joining the lead role.”

‘Thank You’ is an office investigation action drama featuring the ups and downs of teamwork between a cool-headed audit team leader and his loyal audit team members, set in the audit office of a JU construction company where corruption is rampant. It depicts the audit team’s every move, which has not been covered before, and delivers a refreshing blow to the corrupt people who commit embezzlement and corruption. Previously, it was reported that actors Shin Ha-kyun and Jin Goo would appear.

Disney+ original series ‘Moving’ released last year. Lee Jeong-ha, who received an enthusiastic response from viewers for her character Bong-seok. This time, he plays the role of Gu Han-soo, a new employee in the audit office, in & # 39; Thank you & # 39; He is expected to embellish the small screen with his honest and ambitious character, a young man of this era whose heart is full of passionate passion. I am curious about what kind of synergy it will have with Shin Ha-gyun, who plays Shin Cha-il, the head of the audit office.

‘Thank You’ is scheduled to air for the first time in July.

Hwang So-young, Entertainment News Team Reporter hwang.soyoung@jtbc.co.kr (Content Business Division)

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