“Deadman opens a world you never knew existed”… Cho Jin-woong and Kim Hee-ae’s confidence (reporting session)


[Dispatch=Reporter Jeong Tae-yoon] “It was a professional, detailed, and very well-made story.”(Cho Jin-woong)

“I was surprised to see so many professional stories that I wondered if they had been investigated by professional investigators.”(Kim Hee-ae)

The movie ‘Deadman’ (directed by Ha Jun-won) is an in-depth look into the world of Boss Baji. The actors couldn’t help but be impressed when they saw the scenario.

That’s right, director Ha Jun-won said ‘Deadman’ I spent five years just reporting.

“The CEOs of Baji never revealed their identities, and reporting was more difficult than expected. So, 5 years have passed. We have prepared a movie that you can enjoy with a large amount of material.”(Director Ha Jun-won)

‘Deadman’ On the morning of the 19th, a production briefing session was held at Megabox Seongsu, Seongdong-gu, Seoul. Directors Cho Jin-woong, Kim Hee-ae, Lee Soo-kyung, and Ha Jun-won were present.


‘Deadman’ is a crime chase drama. The ace of the business world is falsely accused of embezzling 100 billion won and ends up living as a ‘dead man’. He sets out to track down people who are intertwined with just one name and to regain the lives that were stolen from them.

Director Ha said, “Don’t people live with responsibility for their names? However, I came across incidents of people living their lives without taking responsibility for them. “As a director, I decided to make movies with social consciousness,” he said.

I covered it for 5 years. “The name transaction itself was difficult to cover,” he said, adding, “There were dangerous moments while covering the actual case.”

That’s how ‘Deadman’ was born. Director Ha said, “It seems like a linear structure in which a man sets out to find the real culprit. However, the three characters roll like cogs, sometimes helping and sometimes exploiting each other according to their own interests,” he explained.


First, Cho Jin-woong took on the role of Lee Man-jae. Manjae has made a name for himself in the world of barge sales for his outstanding calculation skills. He became a dead man one morning and was imprisoned in a Chinese private prison. He struggles to get his name and life back.

Cho Jin-woong said, “It was made very well with material I had never seen before. “When you unravel the thread of the story, you feel alert and feel the meticulousness of the script,” he said, explaining the reason for his appearance.

A fierce performance was predicted. Cho Jin-woong said, “Situations change rapidly. “So I threw myself 100% into that scene,” he explained, adding, “I rawly exposed various emotions, including the fear I felt at the time.”

“As I was reading the script, I thought, ’emotions shouldn’t flow consistently.’ “Rather than being difficult, expressing rapidly changing emotions was fun, exciting, and happy.” (Cho Jin-woong)

Kim Hee-ae praised Cho Jin-woong, saying, “He has appeared in many good works, but I think this role shows off Cho Jin-woong’s charm the best,”and “He will show his most attractive side.”


Kim Hee-ae played the role of Mrs. Shim. Ms. Shim is a top political consultant who has a reputation for making a name for herself with her natural resourcefulness. The role of bringing Lee Man-jae out to the world.

Kim Hee-ae underwent the most transformation. “She is someone every actress would covet. Changes were made externally. “She also tried on colored lenses and it changed a lot of details,” she said. “She was happy because she could show a different look than before,” she said.

While Lee Man-jae is an instrument that expresses the emotions of the play, Mrs. Shim is a conductor-like figure who commands the entire play. That’s why I put the most effort into casting Ms. Shim.

Director Ha said, “I first gave the script to director Bong Joon-ho. She said that when she saw Ms. Shim’s character, she only thought of foreign actors. Then I remembered, “I ended up giving it to senior Kim Hee-ae.”

It was shortly after ”The World of the Married’ ended. At that time, I received so many scripts that I wondered if I would accept them. So, before I gave her the script, I rewrote Mrs. Shim’s character from start to finish for a week. And he gave me the answer right away.”(Director Ha Jun-won)


The highlight of ‘Deadman’ is its realism. Kim Hee-ae said, “There were so many professional stories that I wondered if they had been investigated by professional investigators. “She will be confused about what is real and what is a drama,” she confidently said.

The variety of locations added to the viewing experience. The film continues to move along the suspect’s space. The play is evoked by mixing various settings such as a private prison, a container, and a junkyard.

Cho Jin-woong said, “China’s private prisons were the most refreshing. It was recreated in a way that made you wonder if a space like this existed. “Thanks to you, it was fun to act,” he added.

Lastly, Cho Jin-woong said, “Our movie is coming to you during the Lunar New Year holiday,” and asked, “We made it really delicious, so please enjoy it.”

Meanwhile, ‘Deadman’ will meet audiences at the theater on the 7th of next month.


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