‘Family that Crosses the Line’ Lee Hye-won, “When I was living in Italy, I brought in eels myself and made eel stew” with passionate support.

Photo capture = Channel A
Photo capture = Channel A

-‘Norwegian Fam’ Kim Hye-ryun Filming begins… 3-day long journey ‘Attention-stealing’
-‘Italian family’ Shin Young-ah ‘Family Who Crosses the Line’ airs every Friday at 9:30 p.m.!

Lee Hye-won of ‘Family Beyond the Line’ said, “When I was living in Italy, I brought in eel from the local area and boiled eel stew for my husband Ahn Jung-hwan,” and gave a heartwarming reminiscence of living abroad, where she did her best to help the family.

In the 17th episode of Channel A’s ‘Family Beyond the Line’, which aired on the 19th, the various daily lives of ‘Family Beyond the Line’ from three countries living in Norway, Nepal, and Italy were revealed. Studio guests included Leo from Finland, Susan from Nepal, and Alberto from Italy, who held a ‘Tiki Taka Talk’ with 4 MCs Ahn Jung-hwan, Lee Hye-won, Yoo Se-yoon, and Song Jin-woo. In particular, Leo from Finland surprisingly revealed that “there is a traditional Finnish sauna owned by my father on the rooftop of a Korean university that exchanges with Finland,” and revealed, “I am a ‘sauna spoon.’” Lee Hye-won and Yoo Se-yoon said, “True flex!” It also aroused admiration.

Norway’s Kim Hye-ryun and Steffen couple made their first appearance on the first ‘Sunnum Fam’ of the day. The two began a long-distance relationship and ended up getting married after Kim Hye-ryeon returned to Korea after finishing her exchange student life. Unlike most Northern Europeans, Steffen was very cold, and this morning he had a ‘reaction breakdown’ when Kim Hye-ryun said, “I want to try ‘ice bathing’, a traditional winter activity in Norway.”woke up The next morning, the two arrived at the ‘Ice Bath’ spot located at the Central Station in Oslo’s city center. Kim Hye-ryeon, dressed in a swimsuit in a weather with a perceived temperature of minus 15 degrees, entered the ‘Ice Bath’ following the skillful demonstration of her local friend. succeded.

On the other hand, Steffen watched his wife’s challenge in the indoor sauna and focused only on the ‘on-site broadcast’, but the sauna they enjoyed was a ‘floating sauna’ floating on Oslo Beach, which aroused everyone’s admiration. Moreover, Kim Hye-ryeon, who was perfectly adapted to the ‘Ice Bath’, persistently persuaded Steffen to join her and even succeeded. After completing the experience, Kim Hye-ryun said, “I didn’t understand people who do ‘ice baths’ in the winter, but now I’m starting to recognize regular experiences.” She added, “Surprisingly, I didn’t catch any colds that come every winter after using the ‘ice baths.’” He testified. Hyewon Lee, who was watching her video, said, “It’s like the story of our family. I like challenges and my husband forces himself to follow…” “She complained, making her laugh.

Next, the overseas life of Kim Na-hee and Asis, a couple who moved to Nepal, was revealed. Those who started ‘K-Wedding Studio’ at the end of last year were struggling because they had less schedule than expected, but they focused on doing their best to photograph the wedding of a welcome guest who came to visit them a few days later. The soon-to-be newlyweds, who tasted the Korean style ‘Sudme’ that does not exist in Nepal, asked Nepal’s ‘Sunnum Fam’ to film the main ceremony, the ‘Nepalese traditional ceremony’. They filmed the wedding of the ‘Newari’ tribe, which lasted for 3 days, and were filmed on-site. The atmosphere was conveyed vividly.

The first day was ‘Bride’s Day’, a modern party where the bride and her friends gathered together to have a dance party and receive congratulatory money on the last night before the wedding. The next day, on the day of her wedding, the bride’s father escorted the bride, and the wedding ceremony was held amidst everyone’s congratulations. The bride’s parents shed tears, moving the studio. After completing her ceremony, the bride arrived at her in-laws’ house and participated in a ‘dance party’ held to welcome her new family. On the last day, ‘Groom’s Day’, as opposed to ‘Bride’s Day’, the groom received congratulations from his friends and a gift. 4MC, who watched Asis in despair at the never-ending wedding in Nepal, stuck out her tongue, saying, “It must have been harder than a marathon.”

Lastly, the Italian ‘Sunnum Fam’ couple Shin Young-ah and Giovanni exchanged warm greetings. In the last broadcast, they vividly broadcast the birth process of her daughter Gemma, and Shin Young-ah’s mother came to Como, where she lives, to provide postpartum care. Her son-in-law Giovanni showed off Italy’s unique informal culture by doing a ‘butt dance’ in front of Gemma’s mother-in-law in the morning, and Shin Young-ah’s mother also warmed her heart by calling Giovanni “son.”

They headed to downtown Como to prepare for Gemma’s upcoming ‘100 Day Party’. Giovanni, a former Michelin restaurant chef, visited a traditional market and began exploring ingredients for a ‘course meal’ for a 100-day banquet. At this time, when a market vendor showed a very large eel, Hyewon Lee said, “When I lived in Perugia, Italy, I also airlifted an eel for her husband and made stew for her. It was about five times the size of a Korean eel.” Ahn Jung-hwan replied, “It could have been a real anaconda,” and then added, “If I had known the Italian recipe, I would have enjoyed it more… “He added, making her laugh.

After returning home from the grocery store, they set up the Baekdaysang supplies that Shin Youngah’s mother had brought from Korea, then invited the neighbors’ guests and started a full-fledged ‘K-100days Banquet.’ After everyone sang the ‘Happy 100th Day Song’ to Gemma, who was wearing a hanbok, they had a hearty meal of ‘home kimbap’ made by Shin Young-ah’s mother, Giovanni’s Vongole pasta, and buckwheat beef polenta (porridge made from corn flour). enjoyed it Customers who tasted Korean-style ‘steamed kimbap’ gave a ‘thumbs up’ and said, “The kimbap I ate at a Korean restaurant in Milan had a commercial feel, but it was a very valuable experience.” They were also impressed by Giovanni’s food. Afterwards, they ended the fun ‘100-day party’ by taking a commemorative photo with Gemma while shouting ‘kimchi’.

Channel A’s ‘Family Crossing the Line’, an entertainment program that conveys the daily lives of international families who have reached the fruition of love across borders, airs every Friday at 9:30 p.m.

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