Where can you trust Japan? ‘Blood-faced blood’ Park Yu-chun [MD Focus]

Park Yoo-chun,  Choi Jong-hoon / My Daily
Park Yoo-chun,  Choi Jong-hoon / My Daily

[My Daily = Reporter Park Seo-yeon] Do those who overturned their ‘retirement’ and came back feel any remorse? Above all, it is causing a social uproar and shamelessly returning to activity after declaring ‘retirement’, so if you don’t even have that intention, there is nothing to say.

Choi Jong-hoon, a member of FT Island who served a prison sentence on charges of gang rape, recently launched his own channel on Japan’s largest fan community platform, ‘Fanicorn’. He began his comeback about 2 years and 2 months after being released from prison. ‘Fanicorn’ is a fan community where fans communicate with celebrities by paying a subscription fee of approximately  5,000 won.

Choi Jong-hoon said through Fanicon, “Greetings to you all after about 5 years. I was able to show my healthy self by gaining strength from each and every message. “Thank you so much,” he said. “From now on, I want to show you everything about me, including what I want to do and my personal life.” He expressed his will to be active by leaving a message saying, “I will work hard to create a bright future with you all, so please support me.”

Choi Jong-hoon / My Daily
Choi Jong-hoon / My Daily

Previously, Choi Jong-hoon was involved in former Big Bang member Seungri’s ‘Burning Sun Gate’ He is also known as ‘Jung Joon-young’s group chat room’ Arrested in May 2019 on charges of gang rape of a drunken woman (violation of the Special Act on Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes, etc. (special quasi-rape), etc.) along with the members in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do in January 2016 and Daegu in March of the same year. was indicted Choi Jong-hoon was sentenced to five years in prison in the first trial in 2019, but Choi Jong-hoon, who refused to obey, filed an appeal. Afterwards, his sentence was commuted to 2 years and 6 months in prison on the grounds that he had reached an agreement with the victim at the appeals court, which was confirmed at the appeals court in September 2020. In addition, Choi Jong-hoon was sentenced to one year in prison and two years of probation on charges of expressing intent to bribe and violating the Sexual Violence Punishment Act (distributing pornography), and was released at the end of the sentence in November 2021.

At the time, FNC Entertainment, the agency, withdrew Choi Jong-hoon from the team. Choi Jong-hoon said, “I deeply regret my immoral life and will live my whole life reflecting on it.” “I am the first to bow my head in apology to the victims who have suffered irreparable harm because of me,” he said, adding, “I will leave the team and end my career in the entertainment industry.” He declared his retirement from the entertainment industry, saying, “I will live my life thoroughly reflecting on my past days of making careless remarks and actions without a sense of guilt.”

However, Choi Jong-hoon may have forgotten his promise, but he quietly showed signs of resuming his activities in Japan five years after announcing his retirement.

Park Yuchun / My Daily
Park Yuchun / My Daily

Choi Jong-hoon’s actions are similar to those of singer and actor Park Yu-chun.

When suspicions of drug use arose in April 2019, Park Yoo-chun held a press conference and pleaded for his innocence, saying, “I have never taken drugs,” and “If I had done drugs, I would retire from the entertainment industry.” However, the National Institute of Forensic Science tested positive for drugs, and he was arrested and indicted on charges of using Philopon with his ex-lover, Hwang Hana, the granddaughter of the founder of Namyang Dairy Products, and was sentenced to 10 months in prison and two years of probation in July of that year, with a fine of 1.4 million won and protection. He was ordered to undergo observation and drug treatment.

After only 8 months of retirement, Park Yoo-chun resumed activities such as paid fan meetings, photo book publication, and overseas performances. In May 2020, Park Yoo-chun appeared on Channel A’s ‘Heard It Through the Grapevine Show’ and said, “It was an extreme decision,”and said, “It was a situation where I couldn’t judge the situation,”and said he had taken drugs at a press conference. He denied it and revealed the reason why he announced his retirement. She said, “It was hard. “She regrets it a lot,” she said, adding that she is making a comeback because she has fans supporting her.

Park Yoo-chun, who made a ‘tear show’ several times, was embroiled in controversy afterward due to disputes with his agency and sexual scandals.

In particular, it was recently revealed that he was classified as a high-value and habitual defaulter. According to the personal information of large and habitual delinquents disclosed by the National Tax Service, Park Yoo-chun delinquent a total of 409 million won, including capital gains tax, in 2016.

Meanwhile, Park Yuchun is preparing for a fan meeting and dinner show in Japan in February. The ticket price for the fan meeting is 23,000 yen (approximately KRW 210,000) for all seats, and the dinner show ticket is 50,000 yen (approximately KRW 450,000) for all seats. Criticism poured in on Park Yoo-chun’s plan to make money without paying taxes.

Choi Jong-hoon and Park Yoo-chun, who had turned their backs on him, left Korea and headed to Japan, where they still had a few fans. The public’s gaze towards the two people who returned after breaking their own promise to retire is not positive.

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