‘Tell me you love me’ Jung Woo-sung returns to a melodrama after 11 years [Interview]

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[TV Daily Reporter Kim Jin-seok] In addition to his handsome appearance, actor Jung Woo-sung also has a humble heart. He became the new actor Tenman Tenman through ‘Spring in Seoul’, but declined the title as Actor Tenman Tenman, saying it was not his. Through ‘Tell me I love you’, Jung Woo-sung filled viewers’ home theaters with emotion with his first melodrama in 11 years.

‘Tell Me I Love You’ (written by Kim Min-jung, directed by Kim Yun-jin, original Japanese TV drama ‘Tell Me I Love You’ (written by Eriko Kitakawa, produced by TBS Television)), which ended on the 16th. It is a classic melodrama about the silent love between Cha Jin-woo, a painter who speaks, and actor Jeong Mo-eun (Shin Hyun-bin), who listens with his heart. Jung Woo-sung played the role of Cha Jin-woo in the play. ‘Tell me I love you’ was 13 years ago. This is a work for which Jung Woo-sung purchased and owned the copyright, and it attracted a lot of attention as his return to romance.

On this day, Jung Woo-sung expressed his affection for ‘Tell me I love you’. He said, “I happened to watch the original drama, and at the end of episode 2, the male protagonist’s voice came out as a narration. It was a voice that woke me up. I was shocked because I thought that person also had an inner voice. He said, “I felt like I had to do this drama as it left an impression on me.” Recalling the time when he purchased the copyright 13 years ago, he said, “I tried to muster up courage when the script appeared in front of me,” and, “It took several years for it to be produced as a drama. In the passing time, ‘Am I right to play Cha Jin-woo?’ I had a thought. The words of the original writer, who said he would give it to me because it was Jung Woo-sung, bothered me, and because of that, he completed a drama with a different resolution from the original, he said.


Cha Jin-woo, played by Jung Woo-sung, is a deaf person with hearing problems. He mentioned what he felt while acting without lines through sign language and facial expressions. First of all, once the sign language script came out, classes were conducted focusing on the script. Jung Woo-sung said, “There was always a teacher on set. Sign language acting was the biggest challenge. A person named Cha Jin-woo should have been more proficient in this language because he has been using it his whole life since he was 7 years old,” he said.

He also spoke about the difference between memorizing lines and learning sign language. “(Sign language) was fun because the word order was different and intuitive,” he said. “The meaning is completely different as the similar positions and directions change.” He said, “The process became more complicated because the lines in the script had to be reordered in sign language.”In addition, regarding the unique facial expressions used by hearing impaired people, he said, “They use them actively, but the expression itself is careful, so I tried to control Cha Jin-woo’s facial expressions.”

When asked what kind of person Cha Jin-woo was, Jung Woo-sung was cautious. He said, “You can’t look at Cha Jin-woo in detail. “I think it might be this way through the set situation and the expressions contained, but I think it’s difficult to define this kind of person,” he said. “It was a form of finding out what Cha Jin-woo’s expression method and emotional connection create.” reported. Jung Woo-sung added, “The genre is a melodrama, but I wanted to portray human relationships more than love for the opposite sex.”

Jung Woo-sung also thought about the value contained in ‘Tell me I love you’ He said, “I wanted to depict a relationship that is viewed side by side with the existence of the object, rather than fidelity to the love that comes from my heart.”He said that he quit drinking to express Cha Jin-woo. He said, “In previous works, there were many characters who were under stress. “Having a drink after filming helped me maintain my character,” he said. “However, I stopped drinking because I didn’t want to feel tired in addition to my natural appearance.”


‘Tell me you love me’ ended with a viewership rating of 1.8%. Regarding the viewership ratings, which are not enough to be called a box office hit, Jung Woo-sung said, “Of course, it would have been better if the viewership ratings were higher, but it is a drama that cannot be skimmed quickly. “I have to get permission for the time,” he said. “I feel proud of the positive reviews left by viewers who watched the drama.” “Even if the viewership ratings are good, it feels like a gift and I’m happy that there are good reviews rather than divided reviews,” he said. He then added, “The best review was, “It’s a drama I want to own.”

Jung Woo-sung also mentioned his collaboration with lead actor Shin Hyun-bin. He said, “Actually, I hoped that the physical age difference with Cha Jin-woo would not be that big,” and “Actor Shin Hyun-bin happened to see the theme of this script, and I was very happy with it.” She spent a long time talking with the director while working together. She is a very grateful actress. She said, “If she wasn’t Shin Hyun-bin, how would she have done this work? She even thought, “

Jung Woo-sung, who returned to a melodrama after a long time, joked, saying, “Both melodies and movies are uncomfortable.”When asked about the difference between Jung Woo-sung’s thick lines and melodramas, he said, “Acting in movies is controlled, so it’s difficult to film it like a drama.”On the other hand, drama is thrown into everyday life. He recalled the filming scene, saying, “I really liked those times when I was part of my daily life through Cha Jin-woo.”

Jung Woo-sung is also communicating directly with the public through ‘Spring in Seoul’. He entered the list of actors with over 10 million views with ‘Spring in Seoul,’ and ‘Spring in Seoul’ has surpassed 10 million. “It’s the audience’s choice, so it’s not mine.” He said, “Rather, for the Korean film market to be healthy, it is better to have 3 to 5 million movies. 3 to 5 million movies will become increasingly rare. “I am grateful, but there are also great concerns,” he said, expressing his beliefs.

Jung Woo-sung continued, “The title of 10 million actors is a burden. I answered simply, “I’m just actor Jung Woo-sung.” The reason he, who was so simple, smiled when he revealed an anecdote about his stage greeting. “When greeting the stage, there were some people who greeted me in sign language. He also showed off his sign language, saying, “It’s memorable.” Jung Woo-sung, who set a new record in Korean film history with 232 stage greetings, said, “These days, young people are mentioning marriage on their placards. “I hope you come to your senses,” he said softly, smiling.

When asked if he was a workaholic, Jung Woo-sung said, “Now is the time to take a break.”He said, “I also exercised sporadically.” He plans to exercise again and talk about his works again. He said, “He’s worked really hard,”and said he plans to take a break. Jung Woo-sung said, “I tried to connect right away, but he admits that the overload came on his own.”Jung Woo-sung also spoke calmly about his goals. “I dreamed of becoming a director, but I didn’t have a time frame. He thought that if he walked steadily, the right time would come. “I’m worried, but I don’t have any goals for the future,” he said honestly.

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