‘First entry into Cannes’ Director Lee Doo-yong dies while fighting lung cancer… Age 82 [Comprehensive]


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Bo-ra] Film director Lee Doo-yong has passed away. He died at the age of 82.

Director Lee died at 3 am on the 19th at a hospital in Seoul. He said the deceased had been suffering from lung cancer since last year.

Director Lee Doo-yong, born in 1941, graduated from the Department of Economics at Dongguk University and served as an assistant director for the movie ‘Even if I Hate You, Once Again Part 2′ (Director So-young Jeong, 1969). Afterwards, he made his directing debut through the film ‘The Lost Veil’ in 1970.

Director Lee continued with ‘Is Your Dad Like This?’ (1971), ‘Which Couple’ (1971), ‘Sajimao’ (1972), ‘Sparring Dragons and Tigers’ (1974), ‘Disarmament’ (1975), and ‘Dark Night’ (1975). He attracted the attention of audiences by showing ’44 New York’ (1977), ‘Policeman’ (1979), ‘Three Women under an Umbrella’ (1980), ‘Naturalization Lodge’ (1981), and ‘Swamp of Desire’ (1982).


Also, ‘Women’s Cruel History, Mullet, Mullet’ (1984), ‘Eldest Son’ (1985), ‘Dol-i’ (1985), ‘Highway’ (1987), ‘Black Snow’ (1991), ‘Arirang’ (2003), ‘Walk in Master Class’ (2013) He was active as a director, directing films such as).

In particular, ‘Woman’s Cruel History, Mulleya, Mulleya’ was officially invited to the Un Certain Regard section of the 37th Cannes International Film Festival. This is the first Korean film to enter the Cannes Film Festival.

The funeral of the late director Lee Doo-yong was set up in room 5 of the funeral hall at Seoul National University Hospital. His deceased funeral is at 1:30 pm on the 21st, and the burial site is Seoul Memorial Park.

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