‘Think About You’ introduced by Haiki on ‘Comeback D-DAY’ [Q&A]

High key. PhotolGLG
High key. PhotolGLG

Group H1-KEY (Seoi, Riina, Hwiseo, Yell) introduced a new song ahead of their comeback.

Hi-Key will release its new digital single ‘Thinkin’ About You’ through various online music sites at home and abroad at 6 PM on the 19th.

‘Think About You’ is the song that opens the ‘H1-KEYnote’ ​​project, newly introduced by Hi-Key. This song, which harmoniously combines the lyrical melody, the members’ appealing voices, and fantastic harmony, is raising expectations as an emotional pop ballad that will sweetly melt this winter.

Prior to the release of the new song, Hi-Key members directly answered questions that fans might be curious about, including their thoughts on the comeback and points of appreciation.

The following is a Q&A from Hi-Key members.

Q. Hikey’s new song, which opens the door to 2024 activities, will be released today (19th). How do you feel?

Riina: “I think it’s a more exciting start to the new year because I can welcome it with a new project. “I’m looking forward to being able to show Hikey’s mature vocals.”

Hwiseo: “I have once again taken on a new challenge. “I’m excited about the fact that the lyrics of the new song are all in English and that it’s a pop ballad, and I’m looking forward to the response because it’s a song with an attractive, addictive melody.”

Q. You are presenting a new song ‘Thinkin’ About You’ that focuses on vocals. What areas did you focus on in preparation?

Seoi: “In line with the purpose of the ‘High Key Note’ project, we focused on delivering good music by focusing on our musicality and voice.”

Q. Could you please point out the points of appreciation of ‘Thinkin’ About You’ for listeners?

Yell: “All four of us have different and unique voices, so it would be nice to see the harmony in the harmony section.”

Q. Is there a special memorable episode you experienced while preparing this new song?

Hwiseo: “There are parts where we harmonize, and when we saw the members make eye contact and make vague expressions while practicing, we burst into laughter. “Nevertheless, it was amazing to see them persevering and moving in.”

Q. Please introduce the ‘Hikey Note’ project that is being unveiled, starting with ‘Think About You’.

Riina: “‘Hikey Note’ is a project that started to deliver Hikey’s own good music and message. “It contains the desire to give strength to those living today solely through the power of the song and lyrics.”

Q. You received so much love throughout 2023. Do you have any new wishes or goals you want to achieve in the new year?

Seo-i: “I hope there will be more opportunities to meet Mikey (fandom name) closer in 2024. Like a fan meeting, I want to have a good time with both domestic and overseas Mikey.

Yell: “In the new year, we want to show that we can handle many things by trying more diverse and new concepts than in 2023.”

Q. Lastly, please tell fans who love Hi-Key about your future career aspirations.

Riina: “As always, Heiki will continue to take on new challenges with great success, so I hope you will continue to support us, and I hope we can rely on each other for a long time and be happy. “I love you Mikey!”

Hwiseo: “We plan to grow even higher as an artist you can always trust and listen to, and an artist who rewards you with music, so please look forward to it and hope you get a lot of strength from us!”

[Lee Da-gyeom, Star Today Reporter]

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