‘First judging challenge’ Jae-Beom Lim also said, “You did a great job”… Finale stage decoration (‘Singer Gain 3’) [Oh!Ssen Review]


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Soo-hyung] Lim Jae-beom, who took on the challenge of becoming a judge for the first time through ‘Singer Gain 3′. He played an active role until the end, leaving behind his signature comment, “You did a great job.” Jaebeom Lim also ‘did really well’ It was time.

As JTBC’s entertainment show ‘Singer Gain 3’, which aired on the 18th, ended, Lim Jae-beom’s sense also attracted attention.

Starting with the preliminary examination in the spring of 2023, the final round was finally held. The long-awaited round where only one winner will be born. First, the judges were introduced. Jaebeom Lim, who was trying out as a judge for the first time through this program, introduced himself and said, “I am the youngest judge,” and added, “It was a really difficult and heavy time, it wasn’t easy, growing up.” “As I watched the participants, my sense of responsibility grew,” he said. At the same time, he opened the door by saying, “I am proud of the junior singers, and I will do my best to judge them until the end.”

We introduced the top 7 glorious singers who are the main characters of the final. Jong-shin Yoon said, “The title of the program, ‘Singer Gain’, feels urgent. Today is a new day, and I hope to sing forever with Sing Forever.” He added, “It will be the first day, I am curious about who will win first place. Pay attention to whether you can change the game today.” “It will happen,” he said.


The actual stage began. Among the participants, singer Kang Seong-hee was introduced and put on an explosive performance. However, it was disappointing to see a slight mistake. Revealing the judges’ evaluations, Kyuhyun said, “Even if you made a mistake, you got your mind together right away,”and added, “I felt like I had poured everything out to the point where I surpassed the stages I had sung before, and it was a performance where I spread my wings and flew into the finals.”

Baek Ji-young said, “It was the most touching moment because I felt like I sympathized with the singer’s emotions,” and added, “It felt like I was delivering a message of hope from a high place. It was a truly admirable performance.” Lim Jae-beom said, “I was moved to tears while listening to it. It doesn’t matter to me that the lyrics were wrong in the beginning,” and “just seeing them put in the effort until the end is truly touching.” The judges’ scores were then revealed, recording a total of 765 points.

Next is singer Shin Hae-sol’s stage. Cocoon said, “As a musician, you are like a gem. I hope you look at everything with curiosity, even if it’s not music. I hope you continue to make music with a genius-like sensibility.” Yoon Jong-shin said, “I was very impressed that he knew how to create the melody,” and added, “A singer with this much experience was unwavering and did a good job of rocking songs.” He commented, “This is the most precious discovery, it’s a wonderful stage.”


Lim Jae-beom also said, “Yoon Jong-shin judged accurately, so there is nothing to add,” and “I will review it as a three-line poem.” Lim Jae-beom made everyone cheer briefly and boldly by saying, “Sim (God) gave only Haesol the soul.” Next, the total score of the judges was revealed, and a total of 769 points were received.

The stage of the last participant, Lee Isaac Hong, was also revealed. After Hong Isaac’s performance, we heard the judges’ comments. Baek Ji-young said, “Today is the most difficult day”on the stage of Hong I-sak, who made a slight note mistake. “The arrangement and progress were good, but there were small mistakes, but I was happy to be able to watch this final stage as a fan.”Kim Eana said, “Today’s performance finally reached a deep place. The technique may have been disappointing, but it has great emotions and narrative, so I will be able to handle the story well in the future.”

Lim Jae-beom said, “As a person who makes sound, my heart hurts. I have experienced countless times of frustration when I can’t control each other.” He added, “I hope I will be remembered as a singer with no expiration date and don’t worry about the score.” did. He then revealed the judges’ total scores, recording 761 points.


All stages ended like this. I listened to interviews with the participants. Choo Seung-yeop said, “I feel relieved,” and cried, “I have never been the main character in my music career, but this was the stage that made me the main character.” Singer Lizzy then said that the person that comes to mind the most is “my mother who came to support me, and the people who loved me,” adding, “I was comforted and grew musically. In the future, I will grow into a singer who provides comfort.”

We asked singer Ezel what he thought. She said, “Thank you to those who have been with me throughout the entire journey,” and she cutely replied, “Thank you to those who silently supported me. I will go eat Korean beef after the end.” Next, she asked singer Kang Seong-hee how she felt about being in the finals, and she said, “The happy journey has come to an end, but the journey to the top 7 will begin again. “I hope she gets a lot of support,” she said, adding that she will “fly higher with a happy heart.” Singer Shin Hae-sol also said, “It may be the end of Singer Gain’s journey, but it is the beginning of my journey. I will sing songs that bring happiness and comfort.”


Among them, the scores of the judges alone were 7th place Ri-jin, 6th place Hong Isak, 5th place Kang Seong-hee, 3rd place Shin Hae-sol, 3rd place Ezel, 2nd place Chu Seung-yeop, and 1st place Soo-bin Soo. Yoon Jong-shin said to the participants who became the top 7 among the 77 powerful teams, “What I liked best was the song, the people, and the story.” He added, “A story that will become a hit with a good song will begin, and other than first place, all participants will have another story begin.” thing. “Congratulations and I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

Next, I asked Jaebeom Lim about his thoughts. Jaebeom Lim said, “I was heartbroken and proud to see one person singing a precious song, going through so many journeys and difficult processes,” and added, “The only thing I want to say is, ‘You did a great job.’” He delivered his final thoughts with his signature review. Lee Seung-gi responded with sense, saying, “Judge Lim Jae-beom also said, ‘You did a great job.’”


At this time, the stage of a special singer was depicted. This is singer Lim Jae-beom. When he got on stage, everyone gave him a standing ovation and shouted his name loudly. Jaebeom Lim selected the song ‘Emergency’ and even the judges stood up and listened to his performance. Lim Jae-beom performed alongside the eliminated contestants and impressed the audience by performing a performance of seniors and juniors that could not be seen anywhere else. In particular, when we asked Jaebeom Lim to write a couplet for ‘advertisement’ in real time, Jaebeom Lim pondered with his eyes trembling, and then responded sensibly, “Gwang: advertisement, go: go,” which made people laugh. These were scenes that clearly showed Lim Jae-beom’s charm that had never been seen before.


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