‘Flowers that bloom at night’ Lee Jong-won and Lee Ha-nui appeared wearing masks ’embarrassed’ [Synthesis]

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[TV Daily Reporter Kim Jin-seok] ‘Flowers that bloom at night’ Lee Ha-nui encountered a masked Lee Jong-won.

In episode 3 of the SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘Flowers that Bloom at Night’ (written by Lee Saem, directed by Jang Tae-yu), which aired on the night of the 19th, the story of Park Soo-ho (Lee Jong-won), who encountered Jo Yeo-hwa (Lee Honey), was broadcast.

On this day, it was Park Soo-ho who saved Jo Yeo-hwa, who encountered a horde of pirates. When Jo Yeo-hwa heard that Geum Wi-yeong was going to investigate, she said, “It’s rude,”and stopped him, saying, “It’s against etiquette for a married widow to talk to men on a mountain trail.”

Accordingly, Park Soo-ho questioned the identity of Jo Yeo-hwa. He said, “It didn’t look dangerous at all. He tilted his head and said, “It actually looked like he was trying to help a horde of pirates.”Park Yoon-hak (Lee Ki-woo), Park Soo-ho’s older brother, said, “I have a brother who comforts me with my parents. “I had a wedding, but the groom died that morning,” he explained.

Afterwards, Park Soo-ho said, “I know that you did many things with your face covered. He said, “As a sergeant, I can’t watch someone who bleeds. I will definitely catch you, so please never let me see you.”He sent a letter warning, “I hope you will return the painting as soon as possible.”

Yeon-seon (Park Se-hyeon) said, “Is this the letter sent by Na-ri, the officer I saw during the day? Didn’t officer Na-ri already see Mistress? He said, “If something happens to Mistress, there is a lot to worry about, should he be beaten to death instead of Mistress or should he be killed by his wife?”Jo Yeo-hwa responded, “Don’t worry. I won’t get caught. He said, “I’m not going out,” and Yeon-seon asked about the painting, saying, “It’s a problem because I’m going out.”

Cho Yeo-hwa went to look for a painting and ran into Park Soo-ho. Park Soo-ho said, “Is this reckless? I told her to keep out of my sight, but she said, “I came because Jo Yeo-hwa told me to put it away.””She is not someone I can easily catch,” she replied. The two got into a physical fight, and when Cho Yeo-hwa pulled Park Soo-ho’s collar, part of Park Soo-ho’s body was exposed, and when she saw this, she was surprised and ran away.

Later, Jo Yeo-hwa, who attended the relief service as a virtuous woman, stepped on mud while coming out of the palanquin, and the white robe she was wearing became dirty. Hwang Chi-dal (Kim Gwang-gyu), who saw this, gave an unexpected compliment, saying, “It’s cool that you don’t mind getting your white dangari dirty with mud,”and Yoo Geum-ok (Kim Mi-kyung) said, “I came here to work, so what does it matter if my clothes get dirty?””he added.

Jo Yeo-hwa began charity work with Mr. Baek’s wife (Choi Yu-hwa). Jo Yeo-hwa was surprised by Mrs. Baek’s firmness in rejecting the refugee’s request, “Please give me a little more porridge.”He tried to give him more porridge, and Mrs. Baek explained, “If you give more porridge, the person behind you won’t get the porridge.”

Afterwards, Jo Yeo-hwa looked at the refugees and found a starving grandmother. He brought porridge for her grandmother and was about to deliver it when her roof fell. At that moment, Jo Yeo-hwa wrapped her arms around her grandmother. At this time, Park Soo-ho offered the building and said, “It’s dangerous, so get out quickly.” When Cho Yeo-hwa came out of the building with her grandmother, the roof immediately collapsed and Park Soo-ho left.

Yoo Geum-ok, who discovered this, scolded her, saying, “I told her over and over again to behave properly,” and Oh Nan-gyeong praised her, saying, “A daughter-in-law who can serve as an example.”


Cho Yeo-hwa, who headed to the refugee camp, was puzzled when she heard that young girls often disappeared. At night, Jo Yeo-hwa visited her grandmother with a bag of rice to help her grandmother, who had lost her granddaughter. Then she stopped when she saw a thief kidnapping a girl. The child her thief was looking for was her grandmother’s lost granddaughter before her. Jo Yeo-hwa encountered the assailants and decided to fight them, and at this time, Su-ho Park appeared, covering her face.

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flowers that bloom at night

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