[Full text] IU changes the title of her new song, “I hope it doesn’t hurt anyone.”

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Ten Asia DB
Ten Asia DB

Singer IU changes the title of a pre-released song that received criticism from sexual minorities.

On the afternoon of the 19th, IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment announced, “As of today, the title of IU’s pre-released song ‘Love wins’, which is scheduled to be released at 6 PM on the 24th, will be changed to ‘Love wins all’.”

The agency explained, “We accept concerns that the important message will be obscured by the title of this song, and we want to further respect and support everyone who lives and loves in various ways.”

He continued, “If there is a word that is most opposed to the message contained in the song to be released, it would be ‘hatred.’” This was also mentioned in detail in the track intro released on the 18th. “I sincerely hope that all love will win in a world without hate, and that the meaning of this song will be conveyed without hurting anyone,” he requested.

/ Photo provided by EDAM Entertainment
/ Photo provided by EDAM Entertainment

When the title and main poster of IU’s pre-released song were released on the 16th, criticism from sexual minorities continued, centered on X (formerly Twitter). The reason was that the song’s title, ‘Love Wins’, was an idiom used as a slogan by sexual minorities at the time to commemorate the U.S. Supreme Court’s legalization of same-sex marriage on June 26, 2015. The word was also used to commemorate and support the 2016 shooting incident at a gay club in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Accordingly, some sexual minorities, through He pointed out that he could lose. However, some others argued that it was an unreasonable slander that IU borrowed this title to exclude sexual minorities and take away their slogan.

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