Get love and become famous? 13 years of supporting a celebrity is enough (‘Transit Love 3’)


[Enter Media = Jeong Seok-hee’s TV Magnifying Glass] Dating reality programs are once again in trouble due to controversy over their authenticity. But don’t the production crew and viewers know it all now? Most of the actors are for promotional purposes. However, among the many contestants who appeared because she wanted to become a celebrity and gain recognition, there are not many who really took off. On the contrary, they face controversy over their personality, or their past history comes to the surface and they become embarrassed, and like Freesia in Netflix’s

<Transit Love> is a plan that doesn’t make sense to me. A man and a woman who broke up are staying in one dorm for about 20 days, deceiving each other. It’s a basic rule, but shouldn’t you constantly lie? This is because you cannot reveal who your X is. Nevertheless, the reason why I decided to cover <Transit Love> is because there is a cast in <Transit Love 3> that I want to support. Seo Dong-jin, born in 1992, turns 31 this year. In episode 3, X was revealed, and surprisingly, it was Song Da-hye, a member of the girl group BESTie. She said she left the group in 2017, so her activity period is short enough to call her a celebrity. Doesn’t she even recognize the performers she entered with her? However, these two met in 2010 when they were in high school and are said to have been in a relationship for 13 years. While they were trainees together, it was discovered that they were dating, and Seo Dong-jin quit the company.


“That dream was very important to me. Da-hye’s dream was just as important to me as my dream, so I said, “I will go out.”

For Seo Dong-jin’s mother, it would be a big surprise. Song Da-hye later debuted as a BESTie in another company, and it seems that Seo Dong-jin supported Song Da-hye in her solo career after her departure. Seo Dong-jin, who had to give up his dream and hide his identity for 13 years. Then, he said, “I want to live for myself at least once,” so he decided to break up. Seo Dong-jin had a photo sculpture date with Lee Hye-won at Eulwangri Beach, a place of memories with X. X person Song Da-hye informed Hyewon Lee through her blind chat that he should not eat her grilled clams. Seo Dong-jin said he can’t eat grilled clams. However, Seo Dong-jin orders grilled clams without hesitation. Hyewon Lee asked several times. She asked if grilled clams would be ok. Seo Dong-jin said that she ordered it because Lee Hye-won seemed to like it. He is a person who is ingrained in consideration and concession to others.


It is said that people who are said to be very considerate may actually be very reluctant. They say they don’t want to do something like that because they don’t like it. However, even people who are accustomed to giving in and being considerate have their limits. At a certain stage, there comes a moment when what you have been holding back explodes. Then, instead of getting angry or fighting, you end up cutting it off. So-called insulation. The plate is already cracked. I’m going to throw it away before it falls into pieces. Isn’t that the feeling? Song Da-hye is probably saying that she wants to rewrite it, even if it means gluing it together.

For Song Da-hye, this appearance is a big adventure. I don’t know if revealing my 13-year relationship will be a help or a stumbling block in my path forward. It will certainly gain recognition. On the other hand, wouldn’t it be an appearance without much benefit for Seo Dong-jin? Seo Dong-jin doesn’t work as an influencer, so what help will he have? I think this is also an appearance for X. Like a final gift.


I’m not sure if it’s desirable for the two to continue their relationship again. If you want to meet, meet, if you want to break up, break up, and I hope everyone can do what they want from now on. Isn’t the most precious thing in the world yourself? Lover, spouse, parent, child? I am the most important thing. Anyway, even if I take a new path again, I hope you don’t forget that the 13 years were not in vain. As I lived, I realized that nothing in this world was in vain.

Jeong Seok-hee TV Columnist

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