Gian 84 deserves the grand prize. ‘Around the World 3’ 2049 highest viewership rating of all seasons

MBC ‘Born Around the World Season 3’ provided
MBC ‘Born Around the World Season 3’ provided

[News Reporter Kim Myeong-mi]

‘Around the World While I Was Born Season 3′ broke the previous season’s highest record in 2049 viewership ratings, following household viewership ratings.

In the 8th episode of MBC’s ‘Around the World Season 3’ (directed by Kim Ji-woo, hereinafter referred to as ‘Around the World 3’), which aired at 9:10 pm on January 21, ‘The Four Brothers Madagas’ on the 9th day of their trip to Madagascar. The journey we took together was revealed.

According to Nielsen Korea, a viewership rating research company, on the 22nd, the viewership rating for episode 8 of ‘Around the World 3′, which aired the previous day, recorded 7.4% in the metropolitan area. In addition, the 2049 viewership rating, which is a key indicator for advertising officials and a key indicator of channel competitiveness, was 3.4% (based on the metropolitan area), soaring to a maximum of 4.2%, breaking the all-time record including the previous season of ‘Around the World’.

The best minute was the scene where Lee Si-eon made pancakes for Pani Bottle’s birthday party, which recorded the highest rating of 8.8%. The sight of the younger siblings being surprised by the taste of the pancakes filled with the eldest brother’s sincerity and affection was both heartwarming and touching.

Meanwhile, MBC’s ‘Around the World 3’, which features Kian84, Pani Bottle, Dex, and Lee Si-eon’s journey to Madagascar, Africa, airs every Sunday at 9:10 PM.

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