Gian 84 “I thought my life would change greatly if I won the grand prize, but I still drink alone at home” (Life 84)

(Photo = ‘Life 84’ channel video capture)
(Photo = ‘Life 84’ channel video capture)
(Photo = ‘Life 84’ channel video capture)
(Photo = ‘Life 84’ channel video capture)

[Reporter Lee Ha-na for Newsen]

Kian84 expressed his feelings after winning the grand prize.

On January 19, the video ‘Ahn Bo-hyun’s drinking review’ was released on Gian84’s ‘Life 84′ channel.

In the video, Kian84 and Lee Si-eon talked about Ahn Bo-hyun’s strengths, including his boxing skills. When the staff asked if there were any weaknesses, Lee Si-eon said, “Kids who are good at fighting have no weaknesses.” When Ahn Bo-hyun responded to a compliment on his appearance by saying, “I’ve never heard you say you’re handsome,” Kian84 said, “Don’t you know that trends have changed? You have to go for something a little macho. He expressed his overflowing self-love by saying, “Dex, it’s me,” and Lee Si-eon was embarrassed and said, “I have to return the grand prize.”

At the end of the video, Kian84 said, “The new year of 2024 is dawning. “I thought my life would change significantly if I won the grand prize, but when I actually received it, nothing changed,” he explained. “I go to work and draw, and on broadcast days, I go and film, and when I don’t have work, I exercise, and drink alone at home.”

He continued, “Actually, I felt like we only said so many good things to each other that day, so later I asked Bohyun, ‘Why are you praising me like this?’ and he said I was also only saying good things. It seems like that happens as you get older. Just as you need to find your pretty parts and call them pretty rather than your ugly parts to become pretty. I think that our lives will go well only if we do well. “I hope that everything you do goes well in 2024,” he added.

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