Park Geun-hyung, “Lee Soon-jae cries the most when Shin-gu collapses… his hands are all marked with injections” (Fifteen Nights)

(Photo = ‘Channel Fifteen Nights’ video capture)
(Photo = ‘Channel Fifteen Nights’ video capture)
(Photo = ‘Channel Fifteen Nights’ video capture)
(Photo = ‘Channel Fifteen Nights’ video capture)
(Photo = ‘Channel Fifteen Nights’ video capture)
(Photo = ‘Channel Fifteen Nights’ video capture)

[Reporter Lee Ha-na for Newsen]

Park Geun-hyung and Shin Gu recalled their memories of ‘Grandpas Over Flowers.’

On January 19th, the video ‘Waiting for Actor Shingu, Park Geun-hyung, a giant in the theater world’ was released on the ‘Channel Fifteen Nights’ channel.

In the video, PD Na Young-seok and Lee Seo-jin had a meal after watching the play ‘Waiting for Godot’ starring Shin Gu and Park Geun-hyung.

At a meal for the first time in a while, Park Geun-hyung felt the passage of time, saying, “It’s been over 10 years since we did ‘Grandpas Over Flowers,’ right?” Park Geun-hyung said, “It’s been 13 years, but you haven’t aged at all.” Producer Na Young-seok said, “Let’s correct this. “Today’s play also had great energy,” he said. When Park Geun-hyung joked, “I’m doing it for you,” Shin-gu said, “Are you a losing young man?” “He was over eighty years old,” he replied.

Producer Na Young-seok was impressed by the acting skills of the two people who carried the work for three hours. Park Geun-hyung said about Shin-gu, “He’s a greedy guy, so everything happens. Only when I first told him to do it, I said, ‘I can’t do it. ‘I’ll have to think about it.’ Then, as I got more and more greedy, I said, ‘Should I give it a try?’” Lee said. “He had made up his mind, but before that, we did ‘Last Session’ and told him that it would be difficult after a long play. I excitedly said, ‘I’m here,’ and he came over slightly. Yes, I regretted it. What? “Once I start practicing, I don’t even drink,” he said.

Shin Goo and Park Geun-hyung, who had been talking about their travel memories for ‘Grandpas Over Flowers’, continued their conversation by talking about the work. When Seo-jin Lee asked, “Didn’t teacher Sun-jae Lee do the 3-hour class alone?” Geun-hyung Park said, “You worked hard. “There are marks from IV injections all on my hands,” he said.

When talking about ‘Waiting for Godot’, Park Geun-hyung said, “Soon-jae was supposed to play this role, but he didn’t have time because he was busy filming the drama. My brother’s personality is such that when rehearsing for a play, he has to do it without anything. If you come in and out, everyone’s teamwork will be broken. I knew that and gave up. “He proposed to me without even knowing that, so I said I would do it,” he explained.

Shingu said, “If you look closely, he is busy going on broadcasts and officiating. “He said, ‘Brother, can you do this for a long time?’” he said. “I toured with Sunjae for a year with ‘Jangsu Merchant’.” Park Geun-hyung said, “When this brother collapsed, Sunjae cried the most. Because there were only two of us at that time. He expressed his apologies, saying, “If I had a country, I would have cried along with him.”

When Shin-gu said, “Even though Sun-jae is so busy, if there is a play, he comes and does it,” Park Geun-hyung said, “I can’t stand it if you don’t go there. When I look at the notebook, it is pitch black. “I wonder how I can live like that,” he exclaimed. Shin Gu also mentioned his passion for acting, saying, “If there is a blank space in the notebook, I ask the manager, ‘Why is this space empty?’”

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