Golden Girls featured on the front page of the Japanese newspaper, Lee Eun-mi, “Park Jin-young, incident accident visual” (Golden Girls)

(Photo = KBS 2TV ‘Golden Girls’ capture)
(Photo = KBS 2TV ‘Golden Girls’ capture)
(Photo = KBS 2TV ‘Golden Girls’ capture)
(Photo = KBS 2TV ‘Golden Girls’ capture)

[Reporter Lee Ha-na for Newsen]

Park Jin-young and the Golden Girls members were happy to see the article on the front page of a Japanese newspaper.

On KBS 2TV’s ‘Golden Girls’ broadcast on January 19, Park Jin-young and the Golden Girls members gathered to prepare their second new song ‘The Moment’.

On December 25th last year, Park Jin-young revealed a newspaper containing an interview conducted in Japan to the Golden Girls members, saying, “I have good news that will give you energy.”

Eun-mi Lee was relieved, saying, “I’m so glad it wasn’t an accident,”but made people laugh by pointing out that “this looks like an accident”in Park Jin-young’s photo.

Jinyoung Park said, “You chose the headline very nicely. The title is ‘I was angry at being scared and not being able to take on the challenge.’ “I am very grateful that the positive and empowering message was chosen as the title not only in Korea but also in Japan,” she said with satisfaction.

Shin Hyo-beom said, “Let’s go. global. let’s go. “Park Jin-young,” he shouted. In response, Park Jin-young emphasized, “Before going global, you have to go local,” making those around him burst into laughter.

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