Grand Prize 84 ‘Around the World’ again… The best of all seasons, even tears (Around the World 3) [Comprehensive]


(Reporter Lee Ye-jin, Xports News) ‘Around the World Season 3 (Around the World 3)’ took over Sunday night, breaking the previous season’s highest record in 2049 viewership ratings, following household viewership ratings.

In the 8th episode of MBC’s ‘Around the World Season 3’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Around the World 3’), which aired at 9:10 pm on Sunday the 21st, the journey of the ‘Mada Sa Brothers’ on the 9th day of their trip to Madagascar. This was revealed.

According to Nielsen Korea, a viewership rating research company, on the 22nd, the viewership rating for episode 8 of ‘Around the World 3′, which aired the previous day, recorded 7.4% in the metropolitan area. In addition, the 2049 viewership rating, which is a key indicator for advertising officials and a key indicator of channel competitiveness, was 3.4% (based on the metropolitan area), soaring to a maximum of 4.2%, breaking the all-time record including the previous season of ‘Around the World’.

The best minute was the scene where Lee Si-eon made pancakes for Pani Bottle’s birthday party (22:29), which recorded the highest rating of 8.8%. The sight of the younger siblings being surprised by the taste of the pancakes filled with the eldest brother’s sincerity and affection was both heartwarming and touching.

‘Brother Madasa’ headed to a local gym before visiting the University of Antananarivo. The African gym attracted attention with its raw exercise equipment, such as train wheels and cogwheels, and the Madagascan gymnasts, who exude strong hormones. Following India, the sight of Kian84 and Dex becoming one with the locals through exercise brought laughter.

Next, with the help of Dex and local friends he met on the bus, they set off to visit the University of Antananarivo, the Seoul National University of Madagascar. Thanks to my friends who demonstrated fluent Korean skills, I was able to hear various stories about university life, campus, library, and restaurants at the University of Antananarivo.

In particular, Gian84, who had been telling stories about university through the webtoon ‘King of Returning to School’ for eight years, seemed more excited than ever and exploded with curiosity by asking a ton of questions. The situational comedy of Panibottle and Lee Si-eon, who became the ‘return to school trio’ along with Gian84, who was soaked in the emotions of ‘Return to School 84′, made people burst into laughter.

While Panibottle went to see the lemurs, Kian84, Dex, and Si-eon Lee prepared a party for Panibottle’s birthday. Kian84 and Lee Si-eon went separately from Dex to get painting tools. The two recalled memories of their trip to South America at the Madagascar market. Unlike during their bickering trip to South America, Kian84 and Lee Si-eon attracted attention by trusting and relying on each other as if they felt each other’s growth.


After returning to the accommodation, a ‘new concept surprise birthday party’ was held in front of the birthday party. Panibottle was unable to see the lemurs due to traffic jam and returned to the lodging early. Accordingly, Kian84, Dex, and Lee Si-eon divided up roles and prepared a party in front of the birthday person. Kian84 painted a picture using a canvas depicting Mada’s symbols, a baobab tree and a lemur, and Dex helped chef Lee Si-eon prepare a birthday table as an assistant chef.

The birthday party began with a birthday dinner of pancakes, tomato spaghetti, and baguettes, followed by firecracker candles. Dex gave a traditional Madagascar knife as a gift to Panibottle, who loves traditional knives. Panibottle was moved when she belatedly saw him digging in to save the knife. The gift of a painting that ignited Kian84’s artistic spirit for over two hours was revealed. Pani Bottle was speechless with a horrified expression upon receiving Kian84’s painting gift. He brought a framed painting to the studio. Kian84 looked at his favorite Pani Bottle and was happy, saying, “You did a good job drawing it.”

Panibottle was moved to tears while watching the sincere interview video of Gian84, who recognized his consideration for putting himself in an uncomfortable position and doing things he didn’t want to do, such as washing dishes. The sight of the brothers, who had suddenly become like real family, was touching.

While it was predicted that they would head to ‘Nosybe’ Island, the final destination of the Madagascar journey, Kian84 aroused curiosity by making a surprise spoiler, saying, “It will turn into a disaster movie.” Expectations are high for next week’s broadcast to see what unpredictable events will unfold in the heartwarming ‘Madasa Brothers’.

Meanwhile, ‘Around the World 3′, which features Kian84, Panibottle, Dex, and Lee Si-eon’s journey to Madagascar, Africa, airs every Sunday at 9:10 PM.

Photo = MBC

Reporter Lee Ye-jin

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