Honey Lee ‘Queen’ Proof..’Chestnut Flower’ Viewership rating exceeded double digits in 3 episodes: 10.8%


[OSEN=Reporter Choi Yi-jeong] ‘Flowers that Bloom at Night’ has established itself as a popular drama, surpassing double-digit viewership ratings in just three episodes.

MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Flowers that Bloom at Night’ (planned by Namgoong Seong-woo / produced by Kim Jeong-mi / directed by Jang Tae-yu, Choi Jeong-in, Lee Chang-woo / written by Lee Saem, Jeong Myeong-in / produced by Base Story, Film Draw, Saram Entertainment), which aired on the 19th, was produced by Nielsen Korea, a viewership rating research company. It recorded 11% in the metropolitan area and 10.8% nationwide. Based on the metropolitan area, 11% is the highest record not only for Friday-Saturday dramas, but also for all programs on all TV channels in Korea that aired that day.

The part where Jo Yeo-hwa (played by Honey Lee) and Su-ho Park (played by Jong-won Lee) save an old man from a collapsing wall recorded the highest viewership rating of 12.3%. In addition, the 2049 viewership rate, which is a key indicator for advertisers and a key indicator of channel competitiveness, also showed 3%.

In episode 3, the image of Jo Yeo-hwa (played by Lee Ha-nui) carrying hard between day and night caught the attention of viewers. On this day’s broadcast, the story surrounding White Tiger Island in the mountains unfolded.

Park Soo-ho (played by Lee Jong-won), who sent a letter to Yeo-hwa through Myeongdogak, made her nervous, questioning Yeo-hwa’s identity and asking her to return the stolen Mountain White Tiger. So, Yeo-hwa headed directly to Geum Wi-yeong’s office with her painting, and her guardian, who discovered Yeo-hwa sneaking in, pointed his wooden sword at her, and the scuffle between the two began. While fighting without giving up an inch, Yeo-hwa ripped off the pus from Su-ho’s undergarment, exposing Su-ho’s bare body, and the two froze for a moment. Embarrassed, Yeo-hwa threw her painting at Su-ho and used the opportunity to escape her office, and the situation was resolved.

Meanwhile, Yeo-hwa and her mother-in-law Yoo Geum-ok (played by Kim Mi-kyung) took part in a relief project hosted by Oh Nan-kyung (played by Seo Yi-sook). Su-ho, who saw Yeo-hwa there, began to become conscious of her, and when she came out of her palanquin and found Su-ho, Yeo-hwa also became conscious of him, and the strange current between the two added to the excitement.

Meanwhile, Yeo-hwa, who was distributing porridge in a slum, came across the story of a grandmother who lost her granddaughter. While on her way to bring rice balls to her grandmother, who was waiting desperately for her granddaughter, her grandmother’s house collapsed, and Yeo-hwa rushed to save her without any hesitation. At this time, Suho appeared from somewhere and protected the two people, and they barely escaped with their lives. It was a scene where Yeohwa’s unconcealed sense of justice was clearly revealed.

After returning home after completing the relief project, Yeo-hwa remembered the grandmother in the slum and decided to climb over the wall again. She went to her slum with rice, and there she again met the group of pirates she had met last time and asked them about the whereabouts of her grandmother. At this time, the situation reached its extreme when it was discovered that Man-sik (played by Woo Kang-min) and her group had come to kidnap her grandmother’s granddaughter. In addition, Su-ho appeared and the situation grew out of control, raising curiosity about the next broadcast to see if the two would be able to save the grandmother and granddaughter from Man-sik and his group.

Episode 4 of ‘Flowers that Bloom at Night’ will be broadcast at 9:50 PM on the 20th (today).


[Photo] ‘Flowers that bloom at night’ broadcast capture

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