Japanese girl group tells fans on official SNS, “Don’t film the video, it’s disgusting.” Controversy over remarks [Oh! Japan]


[OSEN=Reporter Yoo Soo-yeon] Japanese girl group Able-Gleem became controversial when they described a fan recording a live performance as “disgusting”through their official SNS.

On the 14th (local time), Able-Gleam posted on its official Video recording of live performances is prohibited. “Cases where filming is possible are announced separately in advance,” the announcement said.

He continued, “The audience who doesn’t know if it’s okay to film or not but takes pictures as they please is, to put it simply, disgusting. Not knowing is not a reason. Stop” was posted.

A war of words began between netizens over this remark. While some netizens expressed dissatisfaction by saying, “It seems like they don’t know the importance of fans,” there were also voices of defense, saying, “I was just making a comment,” and that there was nothing problematic about the statement.

As criticism continued, ‘Able-Gleam’ Member Ray posted on his “The ban on filming is being announced on her ticket and social media,” he added.

Although the member himself came out, fans’ reactions were divided. While respecting the group’s voice, saying, “We’ll only care about those who don’t follow the rules,”there were also fans who expressed dissatisfaction, saying, “I don’t know if I can do fan activities because I’m scared.”


[Photo] Official SNS

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