Hong Isak final winner… ‘Singer Gain 3’ End of competition for less famous singers with only names covered [Comprehensive]



The season of the Famous Singer Competition, which was a competition between unknown singers in name only, has come to an end. JTBC’s ‘Singer Gain Season 3-Unknown Singer Competition’ ended with Hong Lee-sak winning.

‘Singer Gain Season 3-Unknown Singer Exhibition’ (abbreviated as ‘Singer Gain 3′) ended on the 18th. Among the various singers who appeared, the final winner was Hong Isak. Hong Isak, who has a fairly large fan base despite being an unknown singer, was named the winner of ‘Singer Gain 3′. Sosobin, who has a significant number of fans, also ranked second. EJel came in third place.

In the last episode of ‘Singer Gain 3′, the second round of the final, a free song round, was held. First, Seung-yeop Choo earned 781 points from the judges by showing off his genre and charm with ‘Always By My Side’. Leejean, who selected ‘To You’, captured her ears by conveying emotion to the melody and earned 745 points.

Ezel, who spread energy by fully enjoying the stage with ‘To Become One Page’, received 773 points, and Kang Seong-hee, who moved the audience to tears by passionately singing ‘Fly’, received 765 points. Then, Soobin Soo’s ‘One More Time’ captivated the judges and audience. Soobin Soobin surprised everyone by quickly rising to first place with 787 points amidst rave reviews from her judges.

Shin Hae-sol showed off his skills with ‘Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter’ with dancers. She received rave reviews from Lim Jae-beom for her three-line poem, ‘God gave only Haesol the Soul.’ Shin Haesol scored 769 points. The last runner, Lee Isaac Hong, came on stage with ‘Song of the Wind’ and touched her heart. Lee Isaac Hong’s score from the judges was 761 points.


As a result, the judges’ score rankings for the second round were decided as 1st place Soo-bin Soo, 2nd place Chu Seung-yeop, 3rd place Ezel, 4th place Shin Hae-sol, 5th place Kang Seong-hee, 6th place Hong I-sak, and 7th place Ri-jin. In addition, the special stages of other famous singers produced by ‘Singer Gain 3′ such as Tejong, Chae Bo-hoon, Horim, Lim Ji-soo, Kim Soo-young, Son Ye-ji, and legendary judge Lim Jae-beom added meaning.

After combining the new song round in the first round of the final, the free song round in the second round, real-time text voting, online voting, and advance voting, the final winner was Lee Isaac Hong. Expressing his gratitude to his colleagues, family, fans, and production crew, Hong Isak expressed his overwhelming feelings, saying, “Now that I have won, I will take responsibility for my future journey and live my life to the best of my ability.”

However, this season leaves some disappointment. Although I was impressed by the stage, the title of ‘Unknown Singer Exhibition’ was meaningless. Hong Isaac and So Soo-bin are both already quite well-known singers. Although it has not received much public attention, it has a solid fan following. You can tell just by looking at the activity history of the two. In particular, Hong Isak also has a history of appearing on MBC’s ‘Mystery Music Show King of Mask Singer’, where the panel has to guess the performer based on their voice.

Each singer’s voice and stage are good enough to captivate the public, but we can’t help but question how sincere the process of completing the stage for the truly unknown singer that the production team originally mentioned, a singer we didn’t know about, is. In a situation where viewer voting is underway, those who already have a significant number of fans are bound to have an advantage. Although fans’ votes may be insignificant in the overall voting ratio, it is inevitable that they will already have an advantage in the competition. Each singer’s hard work and performance should be applauded, but if it’s a trick that the production team intended, we can’t help but tilt our heads.

There is a border that makes it impossible to know whether it is a system where the name is obscured and thus unknown, or whether it is unknown because it is not really widely known, or whether it is unknown because it is not famous like a top star. The production team must consider whether it is a season for the sake of a season or a season for an unknown singer. That is, unless they are just interested in getting more views on their clips to make money. Excluding music and sports entertainment, there are already a lot of entertainment shows on JTBC that are showing no significant results.

Hong Se-young, Donga.com reporter projecthong@donga.com

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