If you trust and follow Jang Na-ra, you will find ‘my happy end’

ize Jo Seong-kyung (columnist)


Now, there is a saying that has gone beyond being a buzzword and has emerged as life wisdom that permeates the times. It is an abbreviation for ‘the important thing is an unbreakable heart”don’t break it in the middle’.

In the entertainment industry, many people continue to take on challenges with the attitude of ‘don’t break down’ and are giving inspiration and courage to the public. Even people who seem to have reached stardom and no longer need to break down the middle admit that they had to go through agonizing times and discipline themselves, causing a mixture of admiration and reflection.

Jang Na-ra’s actions are also different. Jang Na-ra has been trying to break herself free for several years. The public is challenging themselves by showing a new side of themselves that they are not familiar with. You can get a glimpse of their efforts just by constantly hitting the home screen with new works.

These days, she is performing passionately in TV Chosun’s My Happy End (written by Baek Seon-hee, directed by Jo Soo-won), depicting the anxious psychology of the main character who seems to be about to explode. She is Jang Na-ra, who always seems to be a bright and cheerful girl with a youthful face whose age cannot be guessed, but in this drama, her appearance as a dangerous woman is unfamiliar and raises curiosity about her.

‘My Happy End’ is a story that begins when Seo Jae-won (Jang Na-ra), a successful CEO and wife from a happy family, realizes one day that she has been betrayed by everyone she trusted, including her husband, father, and friends. Incidents such as stalking, conspiracy, and infidelity get Seo Jae-won on edge. Even though she felt like she was going to collapse, she set out for revenge with the intention of not just suffering, but as the story of her daughter’s genetic test came out, it seemed like she was entering a new phase. This is a situation where financial resources could be pushed into another corner.


The sight of the main character shaking from a sense of betrayal, being swayed here and there, and trembling in fear makes even the fans feel uncomfortable. Therefore, some people are tilting their heads at Jang Na-ra’s choice, asking, ‘Why bother with our cute and pretty Nara-jjang?’

“New Nonstop,” which introduced Jang Na-ra to acting in 2001, recorded the highest viewer ratings for a sitcom ever, and her first miniseries, “The Success Story of a Cheerful Girl” (2002), recorded a viewership rating of 42. This is because the first impression he gave to his home fans was so strong, such as recording %. Jang Na-ra’s representative descriptions of a cheerful girl or a youthful beauty may actually be the image expected of her by the public who do not want to escape from that sweet time. That may be why he refuses to get used to the changing Jang Na-ra.

Jang Na-ra presented ‘VIP’ in 2019. It was like that too. There were reactions that said Jang Na-ra, who appeared in & # 39; VIP & # 39;, which advertised herself as a romantic romantic drama, was unfamiliar and strange as she is now. However, Jang Na-ra did not pay any heed to the question marks placed on her and led the drama to success. As ‘VIP’ became a hot topic, trust in Jang Na-ra, who led the drama’s popularity, was further solidified.

At the time, Jang Na-ra explained that she chose ‘VIP’ as a character that could show a side that she did not have, and a challenge to tell a story that was different from what she had shown in dramas. She subsequently released “Oh My Baby” (2020) and “Jackpot Real Estate” (2021), while also revealing her desire for growth. The keywords of transformation and growth were like homework for Jang Na-ra.


Also, as an extension of that, I am currently working on ‘My Happy End’. So, ‘My Happy End’ is a work where you can read Jang Na-ra’s attitude of not giving up. I can feel his firm determination to pursue a long career as an actor without hesitation. Although Seo Jae-won is trembling in danger in the play, Jang Na-ra, who chose such Jae-won, will firmly move forward on her own path.

There are quite a few fans who support Jang Na-ra’s actions with faith. You can tell just by looking at Jang Nara that she is on a stable track in every drama she appears in. Jang Na-ra’s faith and expectations about the path she has chosen lead to her interest in ‘My Happy End’.

‘My Happy End’, which has been confusing the mind with tangled incidents, is expected to reach a turning point soon, untangling the tangled threads and giving viewers some breathing room. As the title suggests, we expect Jaewon to find a happy ending in the end. Above all, we are curious about what true happiness Jang Na-ra wants to tell her fans through the drama, and at the same time, we cheer for Jang Na-ra’s happy ending as she continues her challenges, pledging to “not break in the middle.”

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