Hong Jin-ho, who overused foreign words, announces a pronunciation battle (Running Man)

SBS ‘Running Man’
SBS ‘Running Man’

[News Reporter Park Soo-in]

Hong Jin-ho, a former professional gamer, takes revenge on his pronunciation.

Hong Jin-ho’s struggle to become a ‘pronunciation genius’ unfolds on SBS’ ‘Running Man’, which airs on January 21.

Hong Jin-ho, who previously appeared in the ‘Running Man’ Singapore special ‘Do you want to win?’, made people laugh by creating a famous scene in which ‘Running Man’ was dubbed into Korean for the first time by overusing ‘alien words’ with a twisted pronunciation.

The recent recording was decorated with a race called ‘Am I satisfied with this food?’ The members searched for Joseon food and had to complete a mission to get hints about the food. At this time, Hong Jin-ho’s customized pronunciation game appeared, and the members nagged with worry, saying, “You’re doing this too much”and “Jin-ho, can you do it?”, but Hong Jin-ho showed nervousness and focused eyes at the same time, foreshadowing a pronunciation battle. As his pronunciation continued to be messed up, he became angry and said, “Say it one by one!!!”

In addition, Hong Jin-ho also tried the new MZ game, which relies on pronunciation and rhythm. He could not hide his embarrassment at the increasingly faster beats, and the members cheered, saying, “It’s because Jin-ho has done a lot of overseas activities.”Hong Jin-ho, who gradually adapted as time went by, showed off his splendid presence and created an unpredictable legendary pronunciation battle. Will Hong Jin-ho be able to get rid of the sorrow of being an ‘alien language idiot’? Broadcast at 6:15 pm on the 21st. (Photo = SBS ‘Running Man’)

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