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[OSEN=Reporter Yoo Soo-yeon] ‘How To Be Boss 3′ Cha Tae-hyun and Jo In-seong shared the regret of parting while feeling the warm affection of local residents who became real neighbors ahead of their last business day. ‘Asia Market’ is a space where people can share the joys and sorrows they felt in an unfamiliar country and share memories in the language of their home country, providing a gift-like experience to immigrants as well as foreign guests.

On the 18th, tvN ‘How did I become president 3 (directed by Ryu Ho-jin, Yoon In-hoe)’, which aired on the 18th? In episode 13, the story of the ‘Asia Market’ was depicted as it became more relaxed ahead of the last business day.

Experienced part-timers Park Bo-young and Park In-bee’s performance as ‘Somehow Sisters’ gave the CEO and employees some peace of mind. Park Bo-young gave vitamin-like vitality to her guests with her unique lovely charm, and fulfilled her role as a ‘counter keeper’ by solving her calculation mistakes on her own. Inbee Park sold pork rice bowl during the lunch business on the 8th day, and her first customers poured in rave reviews, saying, “It’s champion food,” and “It’s magic.”

The local people’s heart-warming gifts for the ‘owner’ and his employees, who were about to close for the last day of business, were heart-warming. Her mother and daughter, who have been running a market in Marina City for 44 years, presented homemade side dishes as a gift. Her mother, who is the owner of the market, said that even those who leave Marina City do not forget the market and come back as if they were visiting their parents. She expressed her gratitude and reward for the customers who are like family. Although he faced a crisis due to COVID-19, Jo In-sung sympathized with the story that he was able to make a comeback thanks to his daughter’s sales strategy and the support of local people, saying, “I think I understand why I came to this neighborhood.”

Also, a couple of regular customers who waited in line to gift food they bought from a restaurant so famous that it was featured on local news, a Taekwondo director who bought souvenirs of hats from famous Marina City attractions for the ‘owner’ and his employees, and an anonymous gifted scorched rice breakfast. Every day was a series of emotions, including someone from, and a guest who gave me a ‘thank you card’.

‘CEO Cho’ Jo In-seong had a deeper(?) conversation with the guests who visited the restaurant. I also enjoyed small talk, such as an interview with the current mayor of Marina City, who visited the ‘Asia Market’. The sight of him hand-applying snow crab to a little customer who had difficulty chewing due to braces brought a smile to his face.

There were many things to laugh about in the ‘Asia Market’, where work was becoming familiar and systematized towards the end of sales. Park Byeong-eun and Yoon Kyung-ho shared the ‘old man gag’ and grabbed their belly button, and Cha Tae-hyun also burst out laughing when he saw it. ‘Presidents’ and employees enjoyed a rich evening with gifts from customers after business closed on the 8th day. Inbee Park’s husband, Kihyeop Nam, also joined the dinner and added to the fun.

It was already the last day of work, and the ‘CEOs’ and employees strengthened their resolve ahead of the last day of business. Hong Gyeong-min, the official artist who will decorate the finale of ‘Somehow the Boss’, appeared with a guitar in front of the ‘CEOs’ and employees who finished a hearty meal of the nurungji stew they received as a gift, raising expectations for the final story of the Asia Market even more.

The 13th episode of ‘Sometimes the President 3′, which was made even more heartwarming by the warm hearts of local guests, recorded the highest viewership rating of 6.7% per minute. tvN’s target audience of men and women in their 2049s reached a peak of 2.7%, ranking first in the same time slot on all channels, including terrestrial channels. (Based on paid platforms such as cable and satellite in the metropolitan area / Provided by Nielsen Korea)

Cha Tae-hyun The final episode will be broadcast on February 1st.


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