‘How did you happen to be the boss 3’ Inbee Park “When I lived in Florida, I felt lonely as the only Asian in my class.” [TV On Air]

How did you happen to be the boss 3?
How did you happen to be the boss 3?

[TV Daily Reporter Choi Ha-na] ‘How did you happen to be the boss 3’ Inbee Park talked about her childhood.

In the tvN entertainment program ‘How I Happened to be the President 3’, which aired on the evening of the 18th, an American Korean mart ‘Asia Market’ The car was drawn on the 8th day of business.

On this day, a mother and daughter visited the store. A market has been operating nearby for 44 years. Her daughter “came back because her dad passed away and her mom had to run the store on her own,”she said.

The mother-daughter market was a famous place on social media. Her daughter was running an SNS for her market and sharing recipes that could be made using Korean ingredients sold at her market.

Mom said, “The store has been closed since 2020.” She said, “Because of Corona.”Her daughter said, “I created SNS during Corona. “Because the guests can’t come,” he said. The daughter took pictures of all the items in the store and posted them on social media, and when customers who saw them placed orders, she delivered the items.


The daughter said, “I recently realized that my childhood here was not that different from Korea in the 70s and 80s. After watching & # 39; Reply 1988 & # 39; she said “

The daughter then said, “We were lucky.” I was born in 1977, and there were already many Koreans here in the 1980s. “A lot of my friends were of Korean descent,” he said.

In response, Inbee Park said, “When I was young, I lived in rural Florida, and I was the only Asian in my entire school. “She was quite lonely,” he said, catching her attention.

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How did you happen to be the boss 3?

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