Jang Yoon-jeong, nursing sick child Yeon-woo all night, “barely holding back tears” (Miss Trot 3) [crucial scene]

TV Chosun ‘Miss Trot 3’ capture
TV Chosun ‘Miss Trot 3’ capture
TV Chosun ‘Miss Trot 3’ capture
TV Chosun ‘Miss Trot 3’ capture

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Singer Jang Yoon-jeong swallowed back tears while thinking of her son who was sick during the contestant’s performance.

TV Chosun Trot Audition Program ‘Miss Trot 3’ aired on January 18th. In episode 5, Master Jang Yoon-jeong swallowed back tears as Jin Hye-eon’s love song reminded him of his son Yeon-woo.

On this day, Jin Hye-eon, a 17-year-old Korean traditional music genius from Jeonju Daesaseupnori Jangwon, selected the traditional Korean music song ‘Yakson’. She said this song was dedicated to her mother, who was by her side every day when she suffered from childhood cancer when she was 3 years old, expressing her regret and gratitude.

Jang Yoon-jung, who watched the serene performance of calmly reciting the lyrics, tried to swallow the tears that welled up in the middle. Afterwards, he commented, “Our Jin Hye-eon’s performance today seemed to have completely lost her energy.”

He continued, “Not long ago, my son had an upset stomach, so I massaged his stomach all night. “I could barely hold back tears when I thought of that,” he said, telling a story that left him empathic. “It’s even sadder because he sings it so calmly.” He doesn’t cry himself, and his knack for making others cry is amazing. He gave high praise, saying, “The emotion that came from there was amazing.”

Meanwhile, Jang Yoon-jung married Do Kyung-wan, who is two years younger than her, in 2013, and they have a son, Yeon-woo, and a daughter, Ha-young.

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