Hwang Bo-ra, “Ha Jung-woo, pay all the expenses for the wedding with 1,000 guests” (Joseon’s Lover)

Photo = Provided by TV Chosun ‘Joseon’s Lover’
Photo = Provided by TV Chosun ‘Joseon’s Lover’

[News Reporter Lee Min-ji]

Hwang Bo-ra reveals Ha Jung-woo’s big flex.

In TV Chosun’s ‘Joseon’s Lover’, which airs on January 22, Lee Soo-min’s family and her prospective son-in-law Won-hyuk go on a wedding hall tour.

Lee Soo-min’s mother, Kim Oe-sun, expressed her expectations, saying, “Since there are many guests, I hope the wedding hall will please my father as well.”Kim Gook-jin, who saw this, began to worry about her wedding, saying, “Senior Lee Yong-sik is liked by everyone, both juniors and seniors, so I don’t think most wedding halls will be able to accommodate all of his acquaintances…” However, the wedding hall we visited that day was also a huge venue with a main hall capacity of up to 740 people.

In response, Hwang Bo-ra reflected, “More than 1,000 people came to my wedding and we rented out the first and second floors of the wedding hall.” When Kim Ji-min nodded, saying, “Well… I am an acquaintance of Mr. Kim Yong-gun, my father-in-law, and an acquaintance of Mr. Ha Jung-woo…” , Hwang Bo-ra said, “But there is someone who paid for my wedding.” She surprised everyone by revealing, “My father-in-law gave me a large portion.”

Hwang Bo-ra said, “(My father-in-law said to my husband) the day before. “I asked, ‘What do you want my brother to do for me?’… But when my husband kept saying ‘nothing,’ he said, ‘My brother will pay for the wedding,’” she continued. Kim Gook-jin Broadcast at 10pm on the 22nd.

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