‘I Live Alone’ Kyuhyun, his first trace in his life… Spending 870,000 won on alcohol shopping at the supermarket? The life of a rower! [Synthesis]


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Ye-sol] Kyuhyun revealed his daily life.

On MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’ broadcast on the 19th, Kyuhyun drew attention by revealing his daily life as he left his dorm and started living alone.

On this day, Kyuhyun woke up with a strange yawning sound and made people laugh. Kyuhyun attracted attention by leaving a diary, recording what he did yesterday on his cell phone. Na-rae Park made people laugh by asking, “In a way, is it similar to the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty?”


Kyuhyun’s house attracted attention with its neat interior. Kyuhyun attracted attention by saying, “It’s been five and a half months since I lived alone,” and, “I lived in a dorm for 17 years and became independent in August of last year.” Key asked, “I guess you’re not interested in interior design.” In response, Kyuhyun said, “I’m not really interested because it’s monthly rent.”

Kyuhyun said, “I don’t spend money on other things. He attracted attention by saying, “What I’m interested in is electronic devices and ample refrigerator storage space.” In particular, there were two refrigerators in the kitchen, which attracted attention.


Kyuhyun surprised those around him by not taking his eyes off the video while eating and washing dishes. In addition, Kyuhyun attracted attention by listening to real estate information videos while playing games. In particular, Kyuhyun surprised those around him by having a mini cosmetics refrigerator where he stored various cosmetics.

After getting dressed up, Kyuhyun headed to a large supermarket to buy groceries. Kyuhyun bought the items he had always thought about and especially bought a lot of alcohol, costing 879,000 won. Kyuhyun attracted attention by verifying his identity by purchasing large quantities of alcohol. Kyuhyun’s house had a huge liquor store, a wine cellar, and even a whiskey cabinet, surprising those around him.


While being teased for being a rowdy, Kyuhyun confidently said, “The only thing I do is drink.” Kyuhyun attracted attention by saying, “It would take about 3 years to drink it all by myself.” Kyuhyun said he was drawn to Korean food and made plans to eat Korean food and whiskey together.

As Kyuhyun started cooking, he kept talking to himself, making people laugh. Kyuhyun prepared stir-fried pork and bonito noodles for dinner. Kyuhyun said, “For men, it’s either pork cutlet or stir-fried pork.” If you give it to your friends, they will eat it all up to the bottom. He attracted attention by saying, “I always divide the front leg meat into 100g portions to make stir-fried pork.”


Kyuhyun set the cooking timer and marinated the meat. He also showed that he really cares about the dishes. Kyuhyun measured the cooking temperature and adjusted the heat. Kyuhyun said, “I watched a lot of cooking-related videos and there was a video like Maillard. He waited between 160 and 180 degrees. He attracted attention by saying, “If you reach that level, you will become Maillard.”

[Photo] MBC ‘I live alone’ broadcast capture

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