‘I live alone’ Kyuhyun, ‘The Rower’ Explanation “They thought I drank every day” [Synthesis]

Kyuhyun-Cho Kyu-seong / MBC broadcast screen capture
Kyuhyun-Cho Kyu-seong / MBC broadcast screen capture

[My Daily = Reporter Seung-gil Lee] Kyuhyun of the group Super Junior was depicted living alone.

MBC ‘I Live Alone’ In the broadcast on the 19th, Cho Kyu-sung was playing as a soccer star in Denmark and Kyuhyun’s single life as a ‘9th dan’ was revealed.

Kyuhyun, Super Junior’s golden youngest member, irreplaceable vocalist, and entertainer, revealed his daily life after quitting his 17-year dorm life and living alone for five and a half months. When asked about her thoughts on independence, Kyuhyun said, “I am so happy. Why she didn’t think of living alone before (I don’t know). “If I had lived alone even once, I would have left right away,” she said, expressing satisfaction with her independent life.

Kyuhyun’s house is a simple apartment, and he can’t decorate it because he rents it monthly. Kyuhyun’s thrifty side attracted attention as he brought most of the items he used from his dorm, except for the furniture and appliances that were sponsored(?) by acquaintances such as TVXQ’s Max Changmin, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, and actor Ahn Jae-hyun. Kyuhyun used diet cup ramen to make diet japchae rice, the secret to losing 6 kg, and ate it for breakfast. Afterwards, he played games and watched videos at the same time before getting ready to go out. The sight of Kyuhyun, a ‘video addict(?)’ who watches videos even while taking a shower, made people laugh.

After getting dressed up, Kyuhyun headed to a large supermarket. Kyuhyun showed his ‘Power J’ tendency by looking at the grocery list he had prepared in advance, putting only what he wanted into his shopping cart and not making impulse purchases. I also spent rationally, including checking the ingredients of the products I wanted to buy. However, Kyuhyun’s self-control collapsed in front of the mainstream corner. I finished shopping in a hurry and ended up with a price close to 880,000 won. Even though his ID card was checked because of the amount of alcohol he purchased, the sight of Kyuhyun, a rower who was just happy, made us laugh.

As soon as Kyuhyun returned home, he turned on ‘J mode’ again and quickly finished organizing his shopping items. As a lover, he had his own rules. Kyuhyun revealed alcohol from all over the world that filled his liquor warehouse, liquor refrigerator, and two wine cellars. He attracted attention by labeling each person who gave him alcohol as a gift and revealing his own rule of drinking while thinking of them. In fact, he, who is famous as a man of upright living, made people laugh by revealing his drinking and expressing his resentment, saying, “(People) think of me as someone who drinks every day.”

The dinner menu is stir-fried pork and udon. Kyuhyun marinated frozen front leg meat, divided into 100g portions, with seasoning and quickly completed two dishes using various cooking utensils. He also attracted attention by watching a romantic movie while drinking whiskey to add a touch of elegance. However, the sight of 35-year-old Kyuhyun being embarrassed and not knowing what to do when a sticky scene suddenly appeared in the movie caused a burst of laughter.

Meanwhile, the second part of the story of Cho Gyu-seong, who transferred to Denmark’s FC Midtjylland last week and is now living alone in Silkeborg, a city reminiscent of a frozen kingdom, was released. It was his first time cooking when he came to Denmark, and Jo Gyu-seong, who said he found it fun, quickly made stir-fried pork and seaweed soup for dinner. In particular, regarding the taste of ‘Gyu-seong’s Seaweed Soup’, which is said to be made by hand, he burst out with confidence and said, “It’s good enough to sell in Denmark,” bringing a smile to my face.

The day after an important game, Cho Gyu-seong reduced his movements as much as possible and stored up his stamina for the evening game. He repeated eating and sleeping three times. For breakfast, I had a simple meal of cereal and fruit, and for dinner, I had egg and soy sauce rice, which is said to be eaten every day of the game. After finishing the third wake-up at 3 p.m., Cho Gyu-seong dressed up in a suit, the team uniform worn by players during home games, and headed to Midtjylland’s home stadium.

The game on this day was the last game of 2023 and was a derby match against the rival ‘Viborg FF’ team, with first place in the Danish league at stake. When Jo Gyu-seong, with jersey number ‘10′, appeared on the field, the home fans cheered, making his popularity real. Cho Gyu-seong, who went into the game with the intention of scoring a goal, scored a penalty kick with Midtjylland trailing by 1 point, resulting in a 1-1 draw, and became the best player, scoring his first multiple goals in the league and giving the team victory..

Midtjylland, which won the derby match 5-1, was in a festive mood. After providing fan service at an impromptu fan meeting held on his way home from work, Cho Gyu-seong returned home and made a video call with his mother, turning on his gentle ‘son mode.’ He revealed his goal for the Asian Cup as a soccer player, but as a human being, Jo Gyu-seong revealed that he is happy every day without any big dreams.

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