[Interview] ‘Osagae’ Hyunsoo Yoon “I’m Cha Eunwoo’s nephew…”

Hyunsoo Yoon, provided by Outer Universe
Hyunsoo Yoon, provided by Outer Universe

Actor Yoon Hyun-soo (24) appeared in MBC’s Wednesday drama ‘Lovely Dog Again’ He left a lasting impression on viewers with his role as Choi Yul. He played the role of the nephew of Cha Eun-woo, a handsome man in the entertainment industry. At first, he felt pressured by the role, but he broke down the two-year age gap and did his part to the fullest.

Yoon Hyun-soo debuted in the 2021 SBS drama ‘Racket Boys’. Afterwards ‘Kill Hill’ ‘Juvenile Delinquency’ After going through the series, ‘Youth Blossom’, I met ‘Lovely Dog Again Today’. Thanks to his unique youthful appearance, he played the role of a middle school student in his debut work, and played the role of a high school student in this work as well. He decided on his next project early on. Teabing ‘Running Mate’ It is scheduled to be released and is currently appearing on MBC’s ‘Investigation Team Leader 1958’ Filming is in full swing.

'It’s lovely today too' Hyunsoo Yoon, provided by MBC
‘It’s lovely today too’ Hyunsoo Yoon, provided by MBC
'It’s lovely today too' Hyunsoo Yoon, provided by MBC
‘It’s lovely today too’ Hyunsoo Yoon, provided by MBC
'It’s lovely today too' Hyunsoo Yoon, provided by MBC
‘It’s lovely today too’ Hyunsoo Yoon, provided by MBC

-‘It’s lovely today too’ How do you feel about the end of the show?

“Thanks to this work, I attended the year-end ‘MBC Drama Awards’ for the first time. I acted with Cha Eun-woo and watched Park Gyu-young. It was a really happy filming location every time I went. I feel like I have received a lot of love, so I am grateful.”

-I heard that you joined through an audition.

“During her audition, she performed a scene where she was speaking to a dog, and I think she was liked about that scene. She casted the role because she thought the lines were filled with seriousness and sincerity. And during her audition, she learned for the first time that her uncle in the play was Eun-woo. She actually thought, “It won’t be easy because she’s two years older than me.”I go to the same shop as my older brother. I deliberately called my brother ‘uncle’ He used to laugh around. ”

-Wasn’t it a burden to be a family member with Cha Eun-woo?

“I think I was cast for the role of the nephew thanks to my youthful appearance. Isn’t he and Eunwoo hyung’s family? At that point, I felt pressured and lost a lot of weight. While working on a project, I dyed my hair and got a perm for the first time. “I tried changing the style, and fortunately, they said it went well with Choi Yul’s character, so I thought it was a good thing.”

-How was it working with your uncle?

“It was the first scene where lines were exchanged, and he faced his brother’s face and made a mistake with the line. I remember being surprised by how handsome he was. I apologized saying ‘I’m sorry’ but my brother said ‘It’s okay. “He told me to make him comfortable.”

-What did you focus on when acting?

“Choi Yul himself was bright and positive, so it was comfortable for him to act out innocent actions. She really received a lot of love on set. I think it was influenced by the character, but in terms of personality, it was the most similar to any character I’ve played so far. In terms of synchronization, it seems like there is more than 90% similarity.”

-The acting chemistry with Gaena (the dog) was impressive.

“I think Gaena is a better actor than me. (Laughs) It was an amazing experience. Dog I feel alive in her eyes. “Thanks to this, she was able to immerse herself well in her acting.”

-The family’s reaction.

“My mom and her younger brother enjoyed watching it. He said it was the best he had ever seen. I received a lot of praise. I was happy to hear that her grandparents and family all enjoyed it. She said that it was unfortunate that she had to cancel the show in the middle. ”

-What is the most memorable reaction from viewers?

“She normally reads comments, but this time she didn’t. I saw the scene where I appeared, and at that time, a post was posted in the open chat room saying, ‘Lip Fairy Appears’. “I was happy to hear a lot of nice things about her, including calling her cute.”

Hyunsoo Yoon, provided by Outer Universe
Hyunsoo Yoon, provided by Outer Universe

-Did you originally dream of becoming an actor?

“When I was a freshman in high school, my family gathered together to watch the drama ‘Reply 1988’. I loved watching dramas with my family. In particular, the person who brought happiness to the family was senior Lee Dong-hwi, who played the salamander character. I thought I wanted to give that kind of happiness to others, so I searched for ‘Lee Dong-hwi Acting Academy’ and went there. He wanted to learn acting, but he sang more than he expected, so he moved to another academy. He has been preparing for the entrance exam since his second year in high school. Before that, I had no dreams. It was my first dream, and my parents told me to take responsibility for it, so I started with their permission.”

-Did you pass the entrance exam right away?

“I took the exam again and entered the Department of Theater and Film at Inha University. When he was in his third year of high school, he was so shocked that his dreams were almost broken, but he worked hard to retake the exam with the determination to take responsibility until the end. It was difficult, but I learned a lot in one year. However, when he entered school, he was not as motivated as he was when he reapplied, so he thought he had to get active quickly. ”

-When did you become involved with your current company?

“The contract was signed in March 2020. Before that, I only went to school, and after getting a call from the CEO, we connected and have been working hard ever since. ‘Racket Boys’ was my first work. (At first, I couldn’t believe I passed the audition.) I went wearing a red jersey. He was also the oldest on set. I played the role of a middle school student at the age of 23. Although I had the least experience, I was the oldest, so I learned a lot from my younger siblings while acting. ‘Racket Boys’ Thanks to that, I think I’m doing well so far.”

-I met Lee Dong-hwi at ‘Investigation Team Leader 1958’.

“I talked to people around me a lot, so (the senior) already knew. At first, he was embarrassed when I told him, “The kid you idol is here.” ‘Reply’ It was different from salamanders of the genus. So what should we do? I approached him first. (Laughs) He is a senior with a tsundere charm. At the end of the year, I appeared as an award presenter at the MBC Drama Awards and my name was called. The next day, he immediately contacted me saying, “Thanks to you, my family was happy to see my one-shot.” I was so thankful. Didn’t senior Lee Je-hoon receive the grand prize at the ‘2023 SBS Drama Awards’? I contacted them to congratulate them. I am currently filming while relying heavily on Choi Woo-sung, whom I reunited with after the previous film. The team atmosphere is good.”

-How far has filming progressed so far?

“‘Investigation Team Leader 1958’ seems to have been filmed about halfway. There is now half left. Since it’s an old setting, I’m going to a lot of places I haven’t been to in my life. I went to Hapcheon and, like yesterday, Yeonggwang in Jeollanam-do. When you go to the set, it’s amazing how old the props are. It was my first time using a fountain pen with ink on it. I couldn’t read the newspaper because it was written in Chinese. (laughter)”

-This year marks the fourth year since our debut.

“I’m really happy right now. It’s nice to be able to work without stopping. I hope to continue working in the future. I don’t tend to set goals, but when I went to the MBC Drama Awards, I realized that I wanted to win an award this year. I hope I work hard on ‘Investigation Team Leader 1958’ and receive an award. I have never done a movie before, so I want to experience working in a movie. I want to become an actor who works hard to build up his filmography like I am now. “I will strive to become an actor who can deliver happiness to viewers.”

Hwang So-young, Entertainment News Team Reporter hwang.soyoung@jtbc.co.kr (Content Business Division)

Photo=Outer Universe, MBC

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