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[TV Daily Reporter Kim Jin-seok] Actor Shin Hyun-bin has matured one step further as a person through ‘Tell me you love me’. Satisfied with her life as an actress and immersed in her work itself, he said that he once again realized the importance of her communication through & # 39; Tell Me I Love You & # 39;

‘Tell Me I Love You’ (written by Kim Min-jung, directed by Kim Yun-jin, original Japanese TV drama ‘Tell Me I Love You’ (written by Eriko Kitakawa, produced by TBS Television)), which ended on the 16th. It is a classic melodrama about the silent love between Cha Jin-woo (Jung Woo-sung), a painter who speaks, and actress Jeong Mo-eun, who listens with her heart. Shin Hyun-bin played the role of Jeong Mo-eun in the play. ‘Tell me I love you’ was 13 years ago. This is a work for which Jung Woo-sung purchased and owned the copyright, and it attracted a lot of attention as his return to romance.

On this day, Shin Hyun-bin opened up about casting. He said, “It is not true to say it was a friendship. When she first saw the work, she felt she liked it and liked the story’s slightly different resolution. When it comes to acting, I have to fill in the sound myself, so I wonder, ‘is this okay?’ “I thought about it,” he said.

He also expressed his opinion about the dialogue in the play that communicates with the hearing impaired. Shin Hyun-bin said, “Conversation itself includes non-verbal expressions, but also involves the exchange of sounds. I had many thoughts and concerns about acting so silently. In the end, it was a story about communication, so I felt like I could do it with senior Woosung. She thought that her senior would do everything. “With that belief, she made a decision and she started the drama,” she said, revealing the secret behind her appearance.

When asked if working with Jung Woo-sung might have been burdensome, Shin Hyun-bin honestly said, “Yes.”Shin Hyun-bin said, “As she shakes it off, it looks like she did her work. She said, “Actually, every project is difficult and burdensome,”and she said, “I talked a lot with my senior and the director before and after filming, which gave me a lot of strength.”The team itself received strength for working hard for this drama. “She either forgot or brushed it off,” she answered.


He evaluated his character, Jeong Mo-eun, as a ‘healthy person’ In the play, Jeong Mo-eun approaches Cha Jin-woo, who is hearing impaired, without prejudice. Regarding this, he said, “(Jeong Mo-eun) is an ordinary yet very healthy person, not exaggerated and realistic. Within her, she is a person who accepts her own inner self in a healthy and strong manner, as an adult and courageously. In fact, there is energy I receive when I see someone with such a healthy mind. I think she wanted to play that kind of character. There is a setting of hearing impairment in the process of two people falling in love. She expressed her thoughts, saying, “It may not be familiar, but it was an ordinary and realistic story.”

In the play, Jeong Mo-eun had a job as an actress. Therefore, she had difficulties in the early audition scenes because she had to perform poorly. He said, “The person who helped me at that time was the director,” and, “There are many cases where we fall out due to differences in taste, so he compromised our opinions and said, ‘Let’s do it that way.’” Regarding the process of acting in sign language, he said, “I’m the type of person who can’t memorize lines if I don’t understand them. That’s why he said, “It took time to memorize sign language.”

Shin Hyun-bin said that while acting in sign language, his perspective on hearing-impaired people changed. He said, “It made me think about things I hadn’t thought of. In a previously filmed independent film, I played the role of a hearing impaired person. “It can be influenced in this way,” he said. “But this may be an idea of ​​disability, but it is also similar to communication in a foreign language.” “Just as speaking the same language does not mean everything is communicated, I think it was ultimately a drama about communication,” she said honestly.

Next, when asked to choose a line that penetrates “Tell me you love me,”Shin Hyun-bin chose “You are a comfortable person for me.”He said, “In the drama, this is revealed as a kind of confession. In the end, comfort was the talking point between the two. I thought I was comfortable even if I couldn’t communicate, and the process when anxiety intervened in that comfort. “Isn’t that what all relationships are like,” she said, referring to a line that runs through the drama.


He repeatedly mentioned his gratitude to his partner Jung Woo-sung and the staff around him. Unlike the quiet atmosphere of the drama, which deals with love with a deaf person, the scene was full of noisy banter. Shin Hyun-bin said, “Because they communicate in sign language, Jin-woo and Mo-eun need a fixed gaze. In reality, it is not easy for a person to look that deeply and for a long time. “I thought that if that happens, the part I can love will increase,” she said. He also expressed his gratitude, saying, “There were many moments when I felt that the staff had affection for this drama, so I think the scene was more affectionate and lovely.”

What does ‘Tell me I love you’ leave behind for Shin Hyun-bin? He mentioned ‘love and affection’ Shin Hyun-bin said, “It was a scene where she had especially those feelings. It was my first time on set where the staff took care of me after the work was finished. There was a lot of affection, affection, and love. “I think she learned how to express her feelings,” she recalled.

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