[Issue] Hyuna and Yong Junhyung’s unruly love that is difficult to receive blessings from


It is an arbitrary love that does not even receive blessings.

Hyuna (32) began her second public relationship. Her opponent is Yong Junhyung (35). Unlike the person she first dated, it seems difficult for her to receive unconditional blessings.

Hyuna and Yong Junhyung uploaded a photo of a man and a woman walking hand in hand on their respective SNS last night. These two men and women were Hyuna and Yong Junhyung. Hyuna added weight to her confession of love by adding an emoticon that seemed to refer to her lover and a message saying, “Please look after me nicely.”Some speculated that it was marketing for musical collaboration.

On the morning of the 19th, Yong Jun-hyung’s agency, Black Made, released a statement regarding the dating rumor, saying, “It is difficult to confirm because it is a private matter.”Subsequently, Hyuna’s agency AtArea also stated the same thing, saying, “We are not involved in the artist’s extremely personal matters.”In the end, both agencies were unable to make a clear statement using their personal lives as a shield. In fact, it is an acknowledgment of a romantic relationship.

This is how HyunA herself began her second public relationship. Hyuna and Dawn from Pentagon broke up in November 2022, six years after her public relationship. Hyuna’s first public relationship was also eventful. It was her second year of dating, and she officially acknowledged it in 2018. But the process was full of noise.

Hyuna unilaterally confessed her romantic relationship without any consultation with Cube Entertainment, her agency at the time. When her agency denied her dating rumors, she admitted it herself because “she wanted to be honest.” The impact of her public love affair was quite large. It hindered not only Dawn, who debuted as a member of Pentagon and was at the height of her growth, but also the group itself. Afterwards, the two left Cube Entertainment side by side and later had a meal together at P-Nation, where PSY was the head. Even after breaking up, they still belong together at At Area.

Nevertheless, her honest and confident Hyuna-style love ultimately received a lot of support and support. The process of breaking up with Dawn was also revealed directly through SNS, and the response was, ‘Hyuna, too.’

Not at all this time. Again, this is because it is a ‘self-dating rumor’ that was unilaterally thrown out without discussion with the agency, and the other person is Yong Junhyung. Yong Jun-hyung is one of the people involved in the Jung Joon-young incident that came to light in 2019. It was revealed that Yong Jun-hyung shared a sex video that Jung Jun-young filmed illegally during a messenger conversation with Jung Jun-young in 2015. Due to this incident, Jung Joon-young was sentenced to five years in prison in September 2020.

At the time, Yong Jun-hyung denied the charges, but eventually admitted and apologized. In the aftermath of the incident, he left Highlight in disgrace. Since then, he has been working on a solo album again since 2022, but rather than receiving musical recognition, he is a “best friend of Jung Joon-young”. The tagging continued. At the comeback meeting after going solo, he said, “I didn’t belong to any group chat room. However, I am fully aware that something was wrong in the conversation at the time, and I recognize that it was a mistake not to correct it. He said, “I will only greet you with good things from now on,”and was criticized again as a cowardly excuse that could not be considered an apology.

A man and a woman who dreamed of becoming singers since their teens became friends and then became lovers. This is the first relationship change in 15 years. In normal times, it would not have been enough to just receive blessings, but most of the comments on the couple’s SNS are filled with concerns, even from fans. Of course, I don’t know if it’s real, but Hyuna herself clicked & # 39; like & # 39; on her congratulatory post.

Reporter Kim Sunwoo, Entertainment News Team kim.sunwoo@jtbc.co.kr (Content Business Division)

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