Kim Jong-min, filming a past drama with Lee Se-young… Yoo Seon-ho “I don’t remember Se-young.” (1 Night 2 Days)


[OSEN=Reporter Choi Yi-jeong] ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ members show off their warm friendship starting from the new year.

In the first story of KBS 2TV’s ‘2 Days & 1 Night Season 4’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘2 Days & 1 Night’) ‘Winter Four Cuts Travel’ special, which will be broadcast at 6:15 pm on the 21st, Na In-woo and Yoo Seon-ho tell a funny story related to Kim Jong-min and DinDin. reveal directly.

The members who gathered in one place to start a new journey are not at all shivering from the unprecedented cold wave and show warm cheers for the youngest member, Yoo Seon-ho. They congratulated the drama starring Yoo Seon-ho for gaining great popularity.

DinDin then expressed his pride, saying, “(Seonho’s) brothers saved the filming set,” and Yoo Seonho, who did not know what to do with his brothers’ enthusiastic reaction, revealed a surprising story that Kim Jongmin and DinDin sent a coffee truck to the filming set. Kim Jong-min exudes a strong older brother’s beauty by saying, “What are you talking about?”, but then he asks the reactions of people around him and quietly confesses his hidden inner feelings, making people laugh.

While Kim Jong-min was secretly hoping that Lee Se-young, whom he had a relationship with while filming a drama in the past, would remember him, Yoo Seon-ho is said to have devastated the scene by saying, “What is certain is that Lee Se-young noona filmed a drama with my older brother.”

Meanwhile, Na In-woo also raises his hand, saying that he has something to report, drawing everyone’s attention. Kim Jong-min and DinDin also sent a coffee truck to Na In-woo. The atmosphere at the scene quickly becomes overheated as his anecdote adds a spoonful of warmth, but when Na In-woo compares Kim Jong-min and DinDin’s coffee truck, one member said with a look of disappointment, asking, “Is that important?”, adding to the interest.


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