ITZY Yeji “If you dye your hair, the color will fade… ‘Did you change your hair?’ was the fourth question.” (Gayo Plaza)


(Xports News Reporter Jeong Min-kyung) ITZY’s Yeji expressed her difficulties with dyeing her hair.

The group ITZY appeared as a guest on KBS CoolFM’s ‘Lee Eun-ji’s Song Plaza’, which aired on the 19th.

Eunji Lee asked Chaeryeong, who said, “I ordered a salad for dinner,” and asked Chaeryeong, “Is there beef pork belly in the salad?” and Chaeryeong said, “There is chicken breast.” Lee Eun-ji said, “It’s shocking.” He responded, “It doesn’t suit me.”

Chaeryeong, who announced that she had released a new album, said, “There is a lot of challenging choreography this time. “I use my lower body a lot,” he said. Lee Eun-ji said, “I saw her on stage during a music broadcast and she kept putting her hair on and off,”and Itzy said, “It’s been a while since I dyed my hair, so I tried to show various styling.”

Next, Eunji Lee was asked, “Nowadays, do hair and makeup tend to reflect your own opinions?”and Izzy responded, “Yes, to some extent.”Ryujin then said, “Before my debut, there were a lot of people saying I was innocent, but after my debut, there were a lot of people saying I suited a strong concept, so I want to show you a lot of pretty styling.”

Lee Eun-ji asked ITZY, “How does dyed hair stay so well-maintained?” Yuna responded, “I take care of it myself by wearing latex gloves and using colored shampoo.” Yeji said, “I dyed my hair this time, but the water came out too quickly, so I was asked four times if my hair had changed.”She expressed her difficulties with dyeing her hair.

Photo = KBS CoolFM

Reporter Jeong Min-kyung

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