Jang Seong-gyu “The groom-to-be, Lee Sang-yeop, is a good cook and will be loved” (Pyeon Restaurant) [Comprehensive]


(Xports News Reporter Kim Soo-ah) Broadcaster Jang Seong-gyu praised his husband-to-be, Lee Sang-yeop.

In KBS 2TV’s ‘New Release, Pyeon Restaurant’ (hereinafter ‘Pyeon Restaurant’) broadcast on the 19th, actor Lee Sang-yeop served a dish to his close friends at a New Year’s party.

When broadcaster Jang Seong-gyu, actor Song Jin-woo, and chef Hwang Ha-neul all gathered, Lee Sang-yeop began preparing the dishes. The first dish is shredded green onion roll. Jang Seong-gyu, who tasted this, said, “You’re really not joking.” “Isn’t that a good level?” he exclaimed.

In addition, Jang Seong-gyu and Song Jin-woo, who have children, agreed, saying, “It’s a taste that children will also like.”


Jang Seong-gyu then said to Lee Sang-yeop, “If you don’t be like me, you will receive a lot of love.” “Basically, you are good at adjusting to the people around you,” he praised. Lee Yeon-bok of the studio, who saw this, agreed, saying, “In my eyes, he is already the number one groom and has everything he needs,”and Lee Sang-yeop looked embarrassed.

Hwang Ha-neul went on to reveal that she was present at the first meeting between Lee Sang-yeop and the bride-to-be, and commented, “Jesu’s eyes are very pretty, and I had a strong feeling that they were very sharp.”In response, Lee Sang-yeop did not miss adding praise, saying, “You are full of passion.”

When Hwang Ha-neul said, “I thought we needed someone who can hold the center and lead well,” Jang Seong-gyu sympathized and said, “That’s perfect.”


The three people who saw the second dish, croaker papillot, were surprised and continued to admire it. Jang Seong-gyu said once again, “I still feel this way, but I will be truly loved after Sang-yeop gets married.”

Then, he expressed his concern as a friend, saying, “I’m afraid Sang-yeop will do all the cooking every time.” Then Lee Sang-yeop boasted about his bride-to-be, saying, “But (the bride-to-be) is also good.”

Lee Sang-yeop continued, “Once in a while, when I cook food for him, he likes it so much that he gets excited. “It’s fun and happy,” he said, sharing his sweet daily life and continuing to serve a multi-course meal.

Photo = KBS 2TV broadcast screen

Reporter Suah Kim sakim4242@xportsnews.com

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