Jeon Hyun-moo Breathing..First broadcast in February [Official]

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/Photo provided by MBN
/Photo provided by MBN

Broadcaster Jeon Hyun-moo and creator Kwak Jun-bin are coming together for MBN’s new entertainment show, ‘Jeon Hyun-moo Plan’.

Jeon Hyun-moo and Kwak Joon-bin are set to go on an unplanned trip without any intervention from the production team in collaboration with MBN’s ‘Jeon Hyun-moo Plan’, a real street documentary airing for the first time in February. As befits the name of the program, ‘Jeon Hyun-moo Plan’, which is a combination of Jeon Hyun-moo’s name and ‘no plan’, a unique trip is introduced only by locals who know the area well. The ambition is to deliver fresh fun and useful information through the concept.

Jeon Hyun-moo takes the lead in discovering hidden restaurants and hot spots that only local residents know about, taking advantage of his strengths as a ‘ representative of the broadcasting industry, who is open to all directions more than anyone else. In addition, there is time to re-verify by visiting ‘good restaurants’ from all over the country that are chosen by celebrities as well as celebrities in the political and business world. Attention is already focused on the level of ability of Jeon Hyun-moo, who can somehow make a plan that did not exist exist.

Kwak Jun-bin, who has the same friendly charm as Jeon Hyun-moo, is a ‘Top Creator’ who is receiving full support from MZs through his travel YouTube channel ‘Kwak Tube’ (1.78 million subscribers). This is the first time she has worked with her close friend Jeon Hyun-moo on a travel program, raising expectations for the birth of a new bromance. As both of them are not shy at all, they are expected to actively communicate with local people and convey the knowledge of local travel in the eight provinces of the country.

The production crew includes “Expressive MC Jeon Hyun-moo and ‘Kwak Tube’ Kwak Jun-bin goes on an unplanned trip to the eight provinces of the country with special guests every week. “Please look forward to the local list and unstoppable talk that the two people, who are loved by the entire nation for their friendly charm, will make full of plans that they did not have,” he said.

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