‘Joseon’s Lover’ Lee Yong-sik tears up at meeting his daughter Lee Soo-min… Wonhyuk’s parents “I didn’t feel well” [Synthesis]


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Ye-sol] Lee Su-min and Won Hyuk finally had a meeting.

In the TV CHOSUN 100% pure real documentary entertainment ‘Joseon’s Lover’ that aired on the 8th, Lee Yong-sik’s daughter Lee Soo-min was about to meet Won-hyuk, and Lee Yong-sik shed tears and Won-hyuk’s parents revealed their true feelings.

Lee Yong-sik appeared very nervous ahead of his daughter Lee Su-min and Won Hyuk’s meeting. Lee Yong-sik even took sedatives to console her mind. However, while mentioning the song about getting married, he suddenly shed tears, making those around him feel sad. Lee Yong-sik said, “It’s supposed to be a happy day, but why am I crying?”Lee Soo-min, watching this, also shed tears.


Kim Gook-jin said, “To senior Lee Yong-sik, Sumin is everything. “It will feel like your soul is leaving your body,” he explained. Suji Kang said, “I was so sad when I returned from sending Bibiana to study abroad. I sympathized with her by saying, “I didn’t even send her a married woman, so how sad she must be.”

Meanwhile, Wonhyuk said, “Today we are finally having a meeting.” Wonhyuk was worried that his parents would be nervous ahead of the meeting and broadcast appearance. Wonhyuk guided the production team to his home in Paju. My parents’ place was in a church, so it caught my attention.


Kim Gook-jin, who saw Won-hyuk’s parents in a video, exclaimed, “You two make such a good impression.”Kang Su-ji was also satisfied, saying, “It’s so good.” Wonhyuk’s parents were shy, but they caught the eye with their smile and generous appearance. Wonhyuk’s father said, “Thank you so much for loving Wonhyuk.”

Wonhyuk’s parents made people laugh by saying that they had visited a hair salon ahead of the reunion. The production team asked, “How did you feel when you first opposed Won-hyuk?” In response, Wonhyuk’s father honestly said, “At first, we weren’t happy either.”


Wonhyuk’s father said, “Isn’t there a scene where we were waiting in the parking lot?” Previously, Lee Yong-sik refused to meet Won-hyuk for the first time and drove away without even saying hello.

Wonhyuk’s father said, “People call me a lot with concerns. “There are people who ask me if I should get married like that,” he said. “We had no idea about the position of someone who has a daughter.” At first she thought it was harsh, but she said that Sumin has no wrinkles and she is very bright. So I thought her dad could do the same. “I was only upset about that scene, but after learning everything, I understood,” he said.


Wonhyuk’s mother said, “I understand how Sumin’s father feels. She gave birth to a daughter 8 years after birth, so she must have cared for her with great care. When she meets and talks to Sumin, she feels that. “She understood her father’s feelings well enough that she thought she should just wait,” she said.

Wonhyuk’s parents said, “I’m worried.””He is exposed, but I don’t know what they will think of us,” he said.

Lee Yong-sik expressed his nervousness, saying, “I will go on a diet if we meet twice.” Wonhyuk’s lips also became dry as he took his parents with him. Wonhyuk’s father even took Cheongsimhwan and said, “The meeting should end quickly,”making everyone laugh.


Finally, Lee Yong-sik’s family arrived at the funeral home. Wonhyuk’s family had not yet arrived. Lee Yong-sik’s family was worried about where to sit. After much discussion, we decided on a seat, but Lee Yong-sik’s wife adjusted the seat again, saying, “Since we are coming from far away, it would be good to see the Han River view.”

Finally, Won-hyuk’s parents arrived at the meeting hall, and as soon as Lee Yong-sik saw Won-hyuk’s parents, he immediately stood up and greeted them warmly, attracting attention.
[Photo: TV CHOSUN ‘Joseon’s Lover’ Broadcast capture]

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