‘Joseon’s Lover’ Wonhyuk’s father “Lee Yongsik ignores his son… “I was in a bad mood.”

[Edaily Starin Reporter Kim Ga-young] In TV Chosun’s ‘Joseon’s Lover’, the difficult meeting of Lee Soo-min and Won-hyuk’s parents was accomplished. On this day, the highest viewership rating for the 25th episode of ‘Joseon’s Lover’ was 7.5% (Nielsen Korea, hereinafter referred to nationwide), the highest since the start of season 2. The national viewership rating was 4.5%.

‘Joseon’s Lover’
‘Joseon’s Lover’

In the VCR of ‘Joseon’s Lover’ broadcast on the 8th, Lee Yong-sik expressed his burden by saying, “This is not even an inter-Korean summit,” four hours before the meeting. At the same time, he recalled the past of ignoring his ‘future son-in-law’ Wonhyuk for a long time and honestly expressed his feelings of regret towards his prospective in-laws. After arriving home, Lee Yong-sik took sedatives and did his best to relieve the tension of the meeting. Su-min Lee carefully asked Yong-sik Lee, who was constantly clearing his throat, “Did you ever think there would come a day in your life when you would meet your father?” Lee Yong-sik said, “There was none. “I thought you wouldn’t come,” he said, revealing the feelings of the father of a ‘national representative daughter’ ahead of the reunion.

While the entire family was on high alert for the reunion, Lee Soo-min’s mother, Kim Oe-sun, also joined in and thought about everything from ‘banned words for the reunion’ to what topics would be good to talk about. And finally, it was revealed that Lee Su-min and Won Hyuk’s wedding date was vaguely set for spring 2024. However, Lee Yong-sik said, “Can’t the meeting date be postponed? After a month or two. “It’s hard,” he said, unable to shake off his regret. Lee Yong-sik, who was singing with a sad heart, eventually couldn’t hold back his tears and burst out crying, and even her daughter Lee Su-min’s eyes turned red. Kim Gook-jin, who was watching the VCR, said, “Su-min is everything to Lee Yong-sik. “When you leave, you will probably feel like your soul is leaving your body,” he sympathized.

Then, Wonhyuk’s parents, who had been shrouded in mystery, were revealed for the first time on air. Seeing the pastor and his wife, who looked just like their son Wonhyuk, with an easy-going appearance, 5MC praised them, saying, “Why do you make such a good impression?” When asked about his thoughts on Lee Yong-sik’s family, Won-hyuk’s father said, “I felt bad when I saw the scene in the parking lot where my son was being ignored by his ‘prospective father-in-law.’”He added, “People call me a lot with concerns. “Is it really necessary to get married like that?” he said, expressing his thoughts so far. However, Won-hyuk’s father said that he understood Lee Yong-sik, saying, “At first, I thought, ‘Isn’t that serious?’ But if you have such a pretty daughter, you might be opposed to marriage.”

Finally, Lee Yong-sik, who was heading to the meeting, relieved the tension with a comedian-like situational play. Lee Yong-sik’s family, who arrived at the meeting place first, paid special attention to changing the seating positions, and eventually decided to give up the ‘Han River view’ seat for Won-hyuk’s parents who came from afar. And with the sound of a knock on the door, the first meeting of those who had finally become ‘prospective in-laws’ was announced, raising expectations.

‘Joseon’s Lover’ airs every Monday at 10 PM on TV Chosun.

Gayoung Kim (kky1209@edaily.co.kr)

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