Kim Moon-jeong “I’ve never formally learned music… I even earned 30 million won as an accompaniment part-time” (4-person dining table) [Comprehensive]


[OSEN=Reporter Lim Hye-young]

Music director Kim Moon-jung appeared on Channel A’s ‘Best Friends Tocumentary ‘Table for 4’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Table for 4’), which aired on the 8th.

Kim Moon-jung invited actors Seo Yi-sook, Kim Gwang-gyu, and Lee Jong-hyuk to her table. Kim Moon-jeong and her guests ate and talked in front of a well-prepared table.

Kim Moon-jung revealed the reason why she debuted in the musical ‘Baby Dinosaur Dooly’. Although Kim Moon-jung did not participate in the performance, she was given the opportunity to do so three weeks before the performance when the position of music director became vacant. The production company’s representative and recommender came to Kim Moon-jung’s house. Kim Moon-jung refused the sudden offer, saying she couldn’t do it, but after a moment of deliberation, she decided to participate. He said, “I was cute back then. He said there were conditions. After finishing this work, I asked for one more chance. It was outrageous. He hesitated for 2 seconds and then said ok. Next, he gave us ‘Empress Myeongseong’. “She said, ‘Let’s go to London,’” he said. Afterwards, Kim Moon-jeong participated in major works.

Lee Jong-hyuk asked Kim Moon-jung if there were any actors he discovered at the audition. She revealed that Kim Moon-jung opened the opportunity for Min Woo-hyuk. He said, “It was so good. I asked him if he auditioned for ‘Les Miserables’ and he said he didn’t. “She suggested I audition, and I did,” he explained.

Seo Yi-sook, who heard this, said, “I have had a dream since middle school. At school she also played badminton. After she graduated, she went to work in Suwon, where she went to see a performance. From then on, she dreamed of becoming an actress. After quitting her job she went to theater. She didn’t give me money. She also handed out flyers. “And after three years, she came to Seoul,” she said, explaining why she became an actress.

He then revealed that he played a significant role in the play ‘Heosamgwan Blood Seller’. He said, “There are times when I come across a work that immediately enters my body. I ended up dancing on the script. Such an opportunity comes three times in life. “Through that, I slowly made a name for myself,” he said. Afterwards, in other performances he attempted, he received a standing ovation.

Afterwards, Seo Yi-sook continued to achieve success as an actress, but was suddenly diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He said of her “there were six main performances of hers. She had surgery and had a good recovery, but as she practiced she lost her voice. That was the first time he cried a lot. “It was really strong, but I felt relieved after crying,” she said, recalling the time when she went through her ordeal.


When asked when she started learning music, Kim Moon-jung said, “What I hesitate about is that I have never formally studied music. When she was young her dad went to her boss’s house. She had a piano and was just playing it, but when her wife saw it, she elegantly said, ‘Okay, stop~’ and closed the lid. Because the expensive piano may be damaged. After some time, a piano came to the house. She couldn’t afford it, but her mother saw it and used her savings to buy it for her. “She told me to beat up the neighborhood kids as much as I wanted,” she said.

Afterwards, Kim Mun-jeong was able to study music at the recommendation of her mother. During her college years, Kim Moon-jung worked part-time making karaoke accompaniments. Her cost was 30,000 won per song, and Kim Moon-jung worked on over a thousand songs, she said. She earns more than 30 million won. Because of this, Kim Moon-jung even donated her youngest brother’s tuition. This became her nourishment and allowed Kim Moon-jeong to study music more abundantly.


[Photo] Dining table for 4 people

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