Kim Hee-cheol, flirting with Oh Hyo-joo, “Let’s go to Misari next time” (20th Century Hit Song)

▲ In the '20th Century Hit Song' broadcast on the 19th, famous songs from the past that urgently need revitalization were introduced. Broadcast screen capture
▲ In the ’20th Century Hit Song’ broadcast on the 19th, famous songs from the past that urgently need revitalization were introduced. Broadcast screen capture

[SPOTV News = Reporter Kim Won-gyeom] KBS Joy’s ‘20th Century Hit Song’, which aired on the 19th, introduced songs that are in need of urgent re-evaluation.

On this day, ‘Hit song as you like! In the ‘2024 Reverse Movement Origin Hit-Tsong’ episode, a large number of famous songs that are sophisticated even when listened to now, but did not see the light of day at the time of release, were introduced.

The first song of the day, which started with Kim Hee-cheol’s flirtatious comment to KBS N Sports announcer Oh Hyo-joo, who appeared as the daily MC, saying, “Just trust me and follow me,”was Jeon Yu-na’s ‘, which took second place a whopping 16 times, behind Shin Seung-hoon, Lee Sang-woo, and Noh Sa-yeon. ;Even though I love you'(1990) won. To announcer Oh Hyo-joo, who said, “I heard it at a live cafe with my mom,” Kim Hee-cheol said, “Your sensibility matches mine.” “Let’s go to Misari next time,” he said.

9th place was Ocean’s song that broke the formula of ‘boy group = dance’ at the time and was known for hitting women’s hearts with ‘More Than Words’ (2002). People in the music industry who watched the debut stage said, “It’s impossible for a rookie to perform live that well.”An anecdote was revealed in which he received praise saying, “Can I do it?” After seeing the video of Lee Hyun, who stole all women’s hearts with his long hair, appearing on a past entertainment program called ‘Mountain Meeting’, Kim Hee-cheol asked, “Why wasn’t there a mountain cabin meeting when I was active? (If he appears) I will really date him,” he said, expressing his bold ambition.

Arcade’s ‘After’ (1998), formed by former model Jeong Gong-hwan and Tutu member Hwang Hye-young, was introduced in 8th place. Along with the fact that Hwang Hye-young has now transformed into a shopping mall CEO, it has been revealed that Jeong Gong-hwan, who has established himself as an actor, will appear as the villain Kim Chi-yang in the recent KBS2 drama ‘Goryeo Khitan War’. Accordingly, Kim Hee-chul said, “My path was blocked because the time zone overlapped with the program in which he was appearing. “I think my father is watching it secretly too,” he said with a wry smile.

When Page’s ‘Don’t Let Us Break Up’ (2002), famous for its insert song in the drama ‘Romance’, ranked 7th, announcer Oh Hyo-joo expressed her happiness by saying, “I sang it a lot at karaoke.”It was also revealed that the video of Page Lee Ga-eun, who recently participated in the audition program, recorded 4.9 million views as of January 2024.

H’s ‘Forgotten’ (2003), which debuted under the real name Hyun Seung-min but had to stop and re-debut due to the flood of big idols, was selected at 6th place. In addition to the anecdote that Uhm Jeong-hwa, a singer from the same agency at the time, personally created the music video concept and even appeared in it, the fact that she appeared as a man who is captured in 10 minutes in Lee Hyo-ri’s ‘Ten Minutes’ music video was also introduced.

Next, Five’s ‘Girl’ (2002), which Kim Hee-chul described as “feeling like a fourth-generation idol these days,” brought a fresh wind to the music industry with its heavenly harmonies and admirable visuals, ranked 5th, and the article at the time ranked 5th. Announcer Oh Hyo-joo, who saw the performance of City Kids’ ‘Telepathy’ (1988), which ranked 4th and was criticized for being a ‘pop of unknown nationality’, responded, “If you’re from a generation that likes Infinite Challenge, you’ve probably heard it at least once.”did.

Also, Kim Hee-chul admired announcer Oh Hyo-joo, who covered Super Junior’s ‘Sori Sori’, and said, “I’ll have to treat you to a meal later,”and the production crew cheered, and announcer Dong-geun Lee got angry and said, “You can’t watch Hyo-ju separately.”He tried to dissuade me.

Esther’s ‘What Did You Do Wrong’ (1997) by Esther, who is known as Topgol Ailee for her powerful singing ability, ranked 3rd, and as the lyrics say, there is an anecdote about having a hard time broadcasting after breaking up with her first love, and Jae-beom Lim’s ‘For You’ was followed by Esther’s ‘ The fact that ‘Songae’ was rearranged was also revealed. In addition, it was introduced that Esther is now married to her husband, who is younger than her, and is serving as her hair designer.

Lim Sang-ah’s ‘Musical’ (1996), in which Kim Hee-chul, who failed to reach 8 seconds in the hidden song time of ‘Listening to 1 second of the prelude’ with an increased difficulty level, reaffirmed whether it was the original song, saying, “I failed,” ranked second. On a musical-like stage, announcer Oh Hyo-joo responded by saying, “I sang it a lot at karaoke,” and that it was one of women’s favorite karaoke songs. An anecdote was revealed that Joo Young-hoon composed the song in 30 minutes after hearing about her background and that it was an unexpected hit among his songs.

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that Lim Sang-ah, who was called the ‘Apgujeong Goddess’ at the time, also worked part-time at Apgujeong Coffee Shop in Seoul, where Koo Bon-seung, who appeared in the 192nd broadcast, worked part-time and where Jung Woo-sung worked as a manager. She also aired the latest news that Lim Sang-ah is currently enjoying great popularity in the United States by running a bag brand where famous American celebrities such as Anne Hathaway and Beyonce are regular customers.

On this day, the first place in the ‘20th Century Hit Song’ went to ‘Someday’ (1993) by ‘90s Tomboy’ Lee Sang-eun, which Kim Hee-chul praised as “a song full of romance.” Kim Hee-chul, who watched Lee Sang-eun’s performance, said, “I’m well over 40 years old, but I finally understand those lyrics a little bit.”Announcer Oh Hyo-joo introduced, “It’s such a masterpiece that even Seong Si-kyung said it was one of his top five songs.”

Finally, in response to Kim Hee-chul’s question about how he felt about being together today, announcer Oh Hyo-joo said, “I’m feeling better now, but I’m disappointed. He ended the broadcast that day by saying, “Please sing it for the dance song next time.”

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