Kim Jun-ho, went to Lim Young-woong’s concert with his future mother-in-law, “6 tickets + chartered vehicle + driver Heo Gyeong-hwan” (Miwoo Bird)


[OSEN=Reporter Choi Yi-jeong] This week’s episode of ‘My Little Old Boy’ will reveal the story of Kim Jun-ho’s struggles as he takes Kim Ji-min’s mother and friends to meet Lim Young-woong.

In the last broadcast, Kim Jun-ho attracted attention by succeeding in purchasing tickets for Lim Young-woong’s concert, which is called picking stars in the sky, and successfully scoring six tickets for his future mother-in-law. On the day of Lim Young-woong’s long-awaited concert, Kim Jun-ho plans to go down to the East Sea to personally meet his future mother-in-law and play the role of future son-in-law.

On this day, Kim Jun-ho made the future mother-in-law and her friends happy by not only chartering a car but also recruiting one-day driver Heo Kyung-hwan to ensure a comfortable long-distance travel from the East Sea to Gwangju, Jeolla-do. Kim Jun-ho personally prepared everything from Lim Young-woong’s playlist to Lim Young-woong’s surprise quiz and gifts so that the mothers would not be bored during the long travel time, and Mother Avengers continued to praise them, saying, “You really prepared well,”and “The mothers are doing well.”

In addition, Kim Jun-ho surprised his future mother-in-law by visiting a ‘special rest area’, a sacred place for Lim Young-woong fans, for his mothers. At this place, where he prepared ambitiously, believing that he would capture the heart of his future mother-in-law, an unexpected pressure interview such as “Are you marrying Jimin?” and “Is it true that you have debt?” began, and Kim Jun-ho was left sweating. Attention is being paid to whether Kim Jun-ho will be able to overcome this crisis well.

In particular, the friends of the future mother-in-law devastated the scene by telling Kim Jun-ho ‘this’ as a ‘sure way to win marriage permission’. The future mother-in-law was taken aback, saying, “What are you teaching me now?” , but she soon seemed to fall for the sure-win method and exclaimed with admiration from her mother, Vengers, saying, “I think I’ve been perfectly certified as a son-in-law,” and “Im Young-woong did a great job.” It aroused. It stimulates curiosity as to what was the ‘sure way to get your mother-in-law’s marriage permission’ that devastated everyone.

Meanwhile, at Lim Young-woong’s concert hall, which arrived after a long six-hour journey, the expectant mother-in-law’s unexpected behavior surprised Kim Jun-ho and even the Mother Avengers who were watching. Kim Jun-ho was at a loss for words and did not know what to do due to his future mother-in-law’s unexpected behavior. Will Kim Jun-ho be able to capture the heart of his future mother-in-law and take a step closer as a son-in-law? ‘My Little Old Boy’, which airs at 9:05 pm on the 21st, You can check it here.


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