Kwak Jae-sik “Antarctica, which has the coldest temperature on Earth, is also melting ice due to climate change” (Cheolpaem)

Kwak Jae-sik appeared on ‘Kim Young-cheol’s Power FM’

iMBC entertainment news photo
iMBC entertainment news photo

In the SBS Power FM ‘Kim Young-cheol’s Power FM’ broadcast on the 9th (Tuesday), Kwak Jae-sik, a professor of environmental and safety engineering at Soongsil Cyber ​​University and a scientist who writes science fiction novels, talked about ‘Science Convenience Store’ In the corner, listeners’ curiosity was resolved and interesting science stories were told.

On this day, DJ Kim Young-cheol said, “Writer, don’t you become a chef every Sunday?” Last week, you made gultangmyeon. Did you know that Cheolupdi is an oyster killer? After introducing a listener’s question, “Please reveal the recipe,”Kwak Jae-sik asked Kim Young-cheol, “How do you eat it?”

In response, Kim Young-cheol said, “I really like oysters. I used to eat it with chojang, but now I eat oysters with lemon sprinkled on them, and they taste different when I sprinkle them with leftover whiskey. I wondered why I only ate soybean paste all this time. There is also a white wine sauce. I even tried sprinkling it on. “There are many ways,” he answered.

Kwak Jae-sik said, “I use two main ingredients when making gultangmyeon. First, you need to generously add seasonal oysters from the South Coast. “You need to add the second main ingredient, MSG, generously,” he said, adding, “With just these two main ingredients, you can make delicious gultangmyeon.”

Next, Kwak Jae-sik announced January’s ‘Earth’ Regarding Antarctica as a theme, “Antarctica is on the opposite side of the North Pole, so the seasons are opposite to us, so it is summer in Antarctica right now.” Of course, even though it is summer, because it is Antarctica, temperatures at Korea’s Jang Bogo Science Station are below freezing. Now, there is no night and only day continues. The biggest difference between the North Pole and Antarctica is that the North Pole is an ocean, while Antarctica is land, a large continent. Antarctica is larger than the entire continents of the United States, Canada, and Australia. “There is such a large area that is still largely unexplored,” he explained.

“Antarctica is extremely cold,” said Kwak Jae-sik. “Antarctica is also the place where the coldest temperature on Earth is recorded.” It hasn’t broken yet. It is said that the temperature measured at the Vostok base in the Soviet Union on July 21, 1983 was -89.2 degrees Celsius. “At this level, it is colder than most places on Mars on the far side of space,” he said.

Kwak Jae-sik said, “I will point out one more reason why Antarctica is inevitably colder.” He added, “For example, when exposed to sunlight in the summer, doesn’t a black car get much hotter than a white car? But Antarctica is all white with snow and ice. So, even when exposed to sunlight, it doesn’t get very warm. “That’s why it gets colder and cooler,” he explained.

“But recently, due to climate change, the Earth has become a little warmer, so there are some areas where the ice in Antarctica is melting a little,” said Kwak Jae-sik. “As the ice in Antarctica melts, black land is revealed, and those areas become warmer as they receive sunlight.” . Then the ice melts more. Then the black land becomes more exposed. This vicious cycle occurs. A cause causes an effect, and the problem becomes more and more serious in this way, which is called positive feedback. Positive feedback may seem like a good thing, but what is happening in Antarctica in terms of climate change means that climate change is becoming more and more serious in a more positive and positive direction. “You can understand this to mean that a vicious cycle is taking place,” he said.

‘Kim Young-cheol’s Power FM’ is broadcast every day from 7 am to 9 am on SBS Power FM, and can also be listened to through the PC and smartphone application ‘SBS Gorilla’.

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