Lee Ha-nui and Lee Jong-won captured in a fierce physical fight, growling when they make eye contact (Flowers that bloom at night)

MBC ‘Flowers that bloom at night’
MBC ‘Flowers that bloom at night’

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‘Flowers that bloom at night’ Lee Ha-nui launches an unstoppable provocation.

In the 3rd episode of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Flowers that Bloom at Night’ (planned by Namgoong Voice Actor / produced by Kim Jeong-mi / directed by Jang Tae-yu, Choi Jeong-in, Lee Chang-woo / written by Lee Saem, Jeong Myeong-in / produced by Base Story, Film Draw, Saram Entertainment), which will be broadcast on January 19th, Cho Yo Hwa (played by Honey Lee) and Park Soo-ho (played by Jong-won Lee) engage in a fight.

In the previous two episodes, Yeo-hwa, who visited Pilyeogak to rescue Kkot-nim (played by Jeong Ye-na), who was taken away in exchange for a gambling debt, had an unintended encounter with Su-ho, who was there. While she and Yeo-hwa were arguing, Su-ho said, “Haven’t we seen you somewhere before?” and Yeo-hwa was busy hiding his identity.

However, in episode 3 (today), a situation arises where Yeohwa personally visits Geum Wi-yeong’s office. While wondering why Yeo-hwa, who had avoided meeting her with Su-ho, went looking for him, her Su-ho discovers Yeo-hwa and aims her wooden sword at her. So, Su-ho and Yeo-hwa get into a fight and the situation reaches its extreme. The intense physical fight between the two people, who do not back down even an inch, creates breathtaking tension.

As soon as they make eye contact like this, Yeo-hwa and Su-ho growl and their bickering, enmity chemistry continues, providing dramatic fun. In addition, the various situations that will arise as the unexpected encounter between the two continues are expected to enrich the drama.

The production team said, “Before filming the scene, Honey Lee and Jong-won Lee repeatedly coordinated their movements and rehearsed, paying a lot of attention to details. “Please watch the results created by the two people who practiced over and over again to create the scene,” he said. “A series of novel episodes will unfold as the two people become entangled, so please watch with interest.”

Episode 3 of ‘Flowers that Bloom at Night’ will be broadcast at 9:50 pm on the 19th.

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