‘We, Home’ Jeong Geon-ju cast, working with Kim Hee-sun [Official]

Photo = Provided by Blossom Entertainment
Photo = Provided by Blossom Entertainment

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Actor Jeong Geon-joo appears on MBC’s ‘We, Home’.

MBC’s new drama ‘We, Home’ (written by Nam Ji-yeon/directed by Lee Dong-hyun) follows Young-won (played by Kim Hee-sun), a recognized best family psychologist in Korea, as her career and family are threatened by an unknown blackmailer, while her mother-in-law Sagan, a mystery novel writer, It is a human black comedy that tells the story of trying to protect the family by collaborating with (played by Lee Hye-young).

In the play, Jeong Geon-ju plays the role of ‘Moon Tae-oh’. A person who tutors Yeongwon’s son Do-hyeon (played by Jae-chan) and becomes involved with his family. Contrary to his bright face, he will show mysterious behavior, which will increase the tension of the play.

Jeong Geon-joo, who debuted in the web drama ‘An Ending Like a Flower’, has since made a mark on the small screen with her stable acting skills in the dramas ‘Extraordinary Discovery’, ‘Oh My Baby’, and ‘Monthly House’. He then successfully made his first screen debut as street forward ‘Kang-ho’ in the movie ‘Rebound’, and at the same time captured women’s hearts by playing the role of ‘Yuha’, Dan-o’s (played by Shin Ye-eun)’s dependable long-legged uncle in the drama ‘Flower Scholar Lover’.

As a result, viewers’ attention is focused on him who will return with a 180-degree change.

Meanwhile, the drama ‘We, Home’, which is attracting even more attention with the addition of Jeong Geon-joo, has confirmed its schedule as an MBC Friday-Saturday drama and has begun production.

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