“Lee Sang-soon, I heard you’re pretty”… Hyori Lee, in front of SISTAR Bora [Ex’s issue]


(Xports News Reporter Myung Hee-sook) Singer Lee Hyori added warmth to her juniors, SISTAR 19’s Bora and Hyorin, by giving them advice as a senior.

Bora and Hyorin, who are part of SISTAR 19, appeared as guests on KBS 2TV’s ‘Lee Hyori’s Red Carpet’ (hereinafter ‘Red Carpet’) aired on the 19th.

Although Bora and Hyorin are seniors in the music industry with quite a few years of experience, they showed the appearance of extremely shy juniors in front of their senior, Lee Hyori. Hyorin said, “Actually, I was very worried because it was my first recording and first performance today, but I was very reassured that I could appear on my sister’s program. I just felt less nervous and reassured. “I felt so fortunate,” she said.

Hyori Lee said, “I met Hyorin 3-4 years ago in Jeju Island.” Hyorin also said, “She saw her sister looking too glamorous today,”and Hyori Lee joked, “I saw her being too much at home.”

Lee Hyori then said, “It seemed like a very tiring time at the time.” Hyorin said, “It was her first time doing solo after her group activities. I wanted to hear a lot from her, but after thinking about it for a long time, I contacted her and she willingly asked me to come to Jeju Island. “I really enjoyed those times,” she said, expressing her gratitude.


Hyori Lee said, “I’ve been working in the entertainment industry since I was young and didn’t have much experience with small pleasures,” and “At that time, I got to know Hyorin and started volunteering for abandoned dogs.” “She really worked hard,” she said, praising her.

Bora also revealed that this is her 10th year in acting and said, “I always had to worry about it.” Both are different. “I’ve been a singer for 7 years, so it seems like it’s taking time to improve my singing ability,” he said. Hyori Lee said, “I think she’s already improved a lot. Come and visit Jeju Island too. “My husband is waiting,” she said.

In response, Bora also said, “I remember.” She said, “My sister mentioned me before and said she was jealous,”and Hyori Lee also said, “You’re so pretty. “You were so pretty back then,” he said, adding, “I’m just trying to look like I have a good personality.” “It shows that my juniors are also jealous and that I am such an honest person,” she joked, making everyone laugh.

On this day, Lee Hyo-ri showed off her easy-going charm in front of Han Young-ae, who appeared as a guest earlier, as a respectful junior. She then showed off her easy-going yet warm senior charm in front of her juniors and did not hold back on compliments, increasing viewers’ immersion with her colorful appearance.

Photo = KBS broadcast screen

Reporter Myung Hee-sook aud666@xportsnews.com

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