Lee Sang-yeop, his deep love for his bride-to-be ‘No. 1 groom’ (Pyeon Restaurant) [Comprehensive]


(Xports News Reporter Myung Hee-sook) Groom-to-be Lee Sang-yeop showed off his affection for his bride-to-be.

In KBS 2TV’s ‘Newly Released Pyeon Restaurant’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Pyeon Restaurant’), which aired on the 19th, a three-person, three-color cooking competition took place between Eonam teacher Ryu Soo-young, sharp-eyed chef Lee Sang-yeop, and culinary elite Kang Yul. The three sexy male chefs captivated viewers in front of the TV on Friday evening with not only a variety of dishes but also a charm that shook women’s hearts.

First, Lee Sang-yeop prepared a special New Year’s party for his close friends, broadcaster Jang Seong-gyu and actor Song Jin-woo. Lee Sang-yeop’s dishes, which cross genres, such as striped radish roll, croaker papillote, pork crown steak, and bulnak ramen, boasted the best taste and appearance ever, drawing admiration. Her close friends who tasted Lee Sang-yeop’s cooking poured out rave reviews, such as “Did Lee Sang-yeop really make it?” , “Awesome” , and “I will become a beloved husband.”

What particularly attracted attention was the inner thoughts of the groom-to-be, Lee Sang-yeop, who is about to get married in March. Lee Sang-yeop described his bride-to-be as “a person who only looks at me” and “my best friend.” She then said that she had decided to get married naturally and revealed her wedding ring in front of her friends. The appearance of Lee Sang-yeop, the best groom who is good at cooking, kind, and attentive to detail, was heart-warming.


Meanwhile, chef Kang Yul, who studied abroad at one of the world’s top three culinary schools, has returned. Kang Yul, who played the lead role in KBS 2TV’s daily drama ‘Elegant Empire’, is a culinary elite with five qualifications in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Western, and pastry. On this day, Kang Yul prepared a full course Italian meal for himself after the end of ‘Elegant Empire’.

At home, Kang Yul made fried poached eggs with fonduta sauce, whole-yang green onion meatballs, a traditional dish from the Tuscany region of Italy, tan pasta, a signature menu item he developed while working as a chef at a restaurant, and lamb rib steak that was carefully prepared. Chef Lee Yeon-bok also smiled happily and praised the cooking elite Kang Yul’s cooking, and the ‘Pyeon Restaurant’ family also expressed their admiration by sticking out their tongues and saying, “It feels like I went to Italy.”

Meanwhile, Eonam teacher Ryu Soo-young has become a kitchen guardian angel who protects the shopping cart. Ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday, Ryu Soo-young made spicy braised ribs that a family of four could eat for just 10,000 won. The ingredients and recipe were simple, so anyone could easily follow it. He was especially surprised by using tomato ketchup as a cheat to enhance the flavor. He even showed off a storm of mukbang, igniting viewers’ desire for a late-night snack.

Photo = KBS broadcast screen

Reporter Myung Hee-sook aud666@xportsnews.com

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