Lee Sang-yeop, who got married in March, is not pregnant before marriage. “I decided to get married like water.. Naturally even for the second generation” (Pyeon Restaurant)




KBS2 ‘Newly Released Pyeon Restaurant’. Source | KBS2
KBS2 ‘Newly Released Pyeon Restaurant’. Source | KBS2

[Sports Seoul | Reporter Kim Tae-hyung] Actor Lee Sang-yeop, who is about to get married, revealed his affection for his soon-to-be wife.

In KBS2’s ‘New Release Edition Restaurant’ broadcast on the 19th, Lee Sang-yeop was shown preparing a New Year’s party for his best friends Jang Seong-gyu and Song Jin-woo.

Lee Sang-yeop visited his hangout, the restaurant of his best friend, Chef Hwang Ha-neul. Here, he prepared a course meal that was the best in both taste and appearance. Jang Seong-gyu and Song Jin-woo, who tasted Lee Sang-yeop’s cooking, shouted “Awesome!”

Lee Sang-yeop will marry his younger, non-celebrity girlfriend in March. He said, “It’s still okay. “Because he was so thorough,” he said, “I’m thankful and sorry that it seems like this person is the only one preparing for marriage.”

Jang Seong-gyu said to Lee Sang-yeop, “Aren’t you like that? “Coma?” he asked. Lee Sang-yeop said, “We decided to get married naturally and naturally.” He expressed his affection for his wife, saying, “In one sentence, she is someone who looks after me and looks after me.”

When asked about plans for the second generation, he said, “We will just ‘let’s go naturally’ if God gives us a blessing. “It’s like we came naturally,” he replied.

Jang Seong-gyu praised his lover Lee Sang-yeop, saying, “If Sang-yeop gets married, wouldn’t he follow in the footsteps of senior Choi Soo-jong?” Chef Lee Yeon-bok also praised him, saying, “From what I can see, he is already the best husband and has everything he needs.”

Also, when he said, “What I’m worried about is that Sang-yeop will cook the food every time,” Lee Sang-yeop said, “But he’s good (at cooking). He eats what I make every time, but he likes it when I make it for him once in a while. It was exciting. “I feel happy,” he said.

Jang Seong-gyu said, “I got married at the age of 32. I was 5 months pregnant on my wedding day. When we couldn’t decide when to get married, what we agreed on was, ‘Let’s do it when we have a baby.’ Two months after that conversation, we had a child. His nickname was ‘Surprise’. I felt like I was given a surprise gift. “We stayed like that and got married three months later.” tha93@sportsseoul.com

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